Just a thought, have fun with this, if that is possible!!

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  1. AT what price would you be willing to give up your fav Chanel, or even your entire collection? Someone asked me that questions the other day - keep in mind there would be no reason to sell, like financial hardship or anything like that, but just say someone came to you and said i want all your bags and they quote you a eye=popping price? Would you do it? Or would you keep them because it is not about the money??
  2. Whoa, Harley, What could compensate for the satifaction of lining up all your beauties and admiring them or that feeling you get when someone stares enviously at your bag as you stride along the streets. Definitely nothing less than a million bucks, because they make you feel like a million bucks, no?! :yes::nogood:
  3. You are right, I was just off guard when she said, how much would you sell your bags for - ALL of them ... I could not put a price on them but then again, if she paid me way more than they were worth, I could get all new ones!!

    People really do ask the strangest things when they see my bags ...
  4. Haha! I was thinking the same thing! They say addicton is a bag...I mean 'bad' thing:p
  5. Well, my entire collection is still currently available in stores. I don't have any impossible-to-find or extremely limited bags. That said, I'd sell my entire Chanel collection for no less than $20,000. Then I'd go out and rebuy the exact same bags all over again and make a little profit.
  6. erm, thats really hard question, only my baby flap is part of the timeless collection, (not sure about my red E/W with Bijou chain) the rest I don't think you can get anymore..........

    but only if push comes to shove like I ran out of money for my upcoming wedding............the whole bag collection for about 30,000 USD but I doubt I could part with my fabric patchwork flap or Union Jack flap ever.

    ..........but if push comes to shove............Oh I'm so confused!!!!!!
  7. If the money was right.... they outta here...
    I love all I got..but I am sure there will be more to come that I want....
  8. I don't hoard bags, I'm not a collector by any means so I don't really have that many.
    But 3 of my 5 Chanel purses are HTF, at least one is VHTF. . .
    but I don't have an emotional attachment to be honest, so there's always a price! :biggrin:
    I'd look for about 50% more than it would cost me to replace them at current prices. . . my guess is $20k.

    I only have:
    black caviar clutch
    metallic black Luxury Flap
    Black/black large Cambon Tote
    dark white Vintage Ligne Tote
    bronze large Cotton Club Tote

    plus a PNY wallet.
  9. I'd sell my whole collection for several hundred million dollars b/c then I figure I could just buy whatever I wanted back anyway. : )
  10. ooh great question. Could we take it one step further too, has anybody been offered over the market value for a bag that they were carrying by anybody?

    If I was offered alot more than my bag was worth, I would take it, no question, as alot of the fun for me, has been tracking them down. But if I had a jumbo purple (if only!) or a jumbo red, I dont think I would sell them if I was offered 5 times as much.
  11. What a great question! I admit there's a price...probably $200-250k including my holy grail, purple lambskin jumbo! I'm unsure if I could sell my medium lambskin flap as it was my first.
  12. Hmm, I don't think that I could ever sell my white lambskin Jumbo flap with black hardware, but for an eye-popping price? Maybe.... :amuse:

  13. Me too.

  14. Ditto! Plus you never know....my next Chanel collection may be even MORE fabulous! :p
  15. Sorta related - I once had an SA ask me if she could buy one of my bags!! I was just mentioning ones I use more often than others and she is like oh I would be happy to buy one you don't use!!

    That is a little weird.