Just a thought for active ebay sellers

  1. So, I've been reading Lyn's bait and switch thread in the LV sub forum. I also read other ppl's that had been victims of bait and switch.

    I came up with an idea to lessen the percentages of this happening to sellers who are selling thier beloved purses.

    For some that had purchased thier bags from AlohaRag.com, Aloha Rag sends thier bag with a tag/label that goes something like this "IF YOU PLAN ON RETURNING THIS, THE LABEL/TAG HAS TO BE ATTACHED"

    So for us sellers to sell our bags and not have the buyer do a bait and switch, we should put a tag that hangs around the handle, and if the tag is ripped off, it cannot be re-attached, and if it the tag was dettached- you can tell the tag has been tampered with. (sorta like a tamper safe tag - heheh)

    So next time, when I sell a bag, I know to make a 'special tag' and attached it to the bag. On the tag it will read something like this (but brushed up):

    "Please look at this bag carefully, do not remove the tag if you think this is fake, if the tag is removed, you have accepted and agreed to the condition of the bag. Please have the bag authenticated and make sure you want this bag before removing the tag. If the tag is removed, the bag is no longer returnable. This precation is to protect me, the seller, that the buyer does not try to pull a 'bait n switch

    We can also mention this on the auction, so if the buyer tries to pull a fast one, we can identify the bag with our tag.

    hehehe just an idea. but if you gals decide to do this Im sure yours will sound better then my paragraph.

    I hope this works though, there might be loop holes, and if there is, pls share!

    just my 2 cents to protect our trustworthy sellers!!!
  2. The tag is a great way to scare off scammers who may be thinking of a bait & switch. The key is to make it something unique that the person couldn't copy and simply reattach to a fake bag/item.
    Sellers on ebay often use a "sellers mark", and when people try to return something they'll say that they only will refund if item returned in exact condition with sellers mark.
    I don't think there will be any loopholes for this as it is common practice on ebay. Always make sure to photograph the bag with the tag/sellers mark attached so that you have proof with paypal if there is ever a dispute. Using the photo in your auction is a great idea...makes it easier for paypal to reference should there ever be a need.
  3. This is a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!
  4. oo great idea! i'll definitely keep that in mind!!
  5. Very, Very Good Idea!!!
  6. Great idea!!
  7. Any ideas where to get tags that will not damage the Bags?
  8. What a good idea!
  9. I did this on my latest sale, and actually got the idea from Greendrv in the Chloe forum. I cut a strip of computer paper, and put the type of bag I sold, the date of the sale, the name of the buyer, and I signed it. I decorated the strip with some of my kids' stickers and then stapled the paper strip around the handle of the bag.

    I took detailed photos of the strip before I placed it on the bag, as well as photos of the bag with the strip attached. The staples didn't touch the bag, but I have documentation of what was mailed and would know if the bag was switched upon return.
  10. these suggestions are great. I use a flourescent (i think thats what its called) pen. You can only view it under a special light. I usually mark the inside or cellphone pocket and then take a pic right after. My friend suggested this to me after I was a victim of the Gucci bait and switch. Two ppl tried me after that and I caught and reported them immediately. Honestly it's because of the dishonesty I no longer sell on Ebay.
  11. Thats a great idea!! Thanks for that! =D
  12. I love your idea

    but i would also ask my hubby a lawyer to halep me word it so that it is actually legal binding and if you can do that that it is legally binding
  13. That's a great idea!! I've heard of ladies who use hospital wrist bracelet/band things to tie around the bag and that works as well :o)
  14. I have to say, that I am in no way affiliated with this company, but this link is squirreled away in my favourites, under the proviso that if I ever sold anything expensive, I'd buy some. (I haven't yet)

    They' are actually wrist bands, but the thing with them, is that you have to cut or break them, so you could see if they had been tampered with.


    Would probably work with bags?

  15. ^^^That's a great idea!!!!