Just a story

  1. So I was at work last nite [retail job] and I was bored standing at the cash register and I see the FUNNIEST fake I've ever seen. It was the bowling bag type handbag [dont remember the name and dont feel like looking it up] and it was cherry blossom AND multicolor! LMAO! I had seen her in the store before and just had to get a second look, I was like could it be? Nooo, and it CERTAINLY was !! haha. :nuts: Just thought it was funny and had to share with you all.
  2. You just never know what you might see.....LOL
  3. LOL. I once saw one that was some sort of ambre and multicolore hybrid. What are the people who make these bags smoking?
  4. CB and MC? :roflmfao: More bang for your fake bag buck, I guess!
  5. Omg!!!!
  6. lolz. it must have been very ugly. i can't see those two design together.
  7. Yuck!!
  8. oye
  9. Next time if u do see her with the bag again do snap a pic for us.. Ha!
  10. Haha that is funny. Well I am a manager but I hopped on to back up cashier at my store and a mother and daughter walked up with FAKEs. The girl was wearing an MC Alma thing and the mother had a fake LV wallet. It was funny.
  11. lolx... :roflmfao:
  12. Eeeshk!
  13. haha it was too funny! I cant have my phone at the register tho! =] but ill try hehe. It was black on the back with colored LV's and BLUE cherry blossoms ! O man I wish you guys could of seen it haha
  14. One of my co-workers openly admits to going to Canal<-Spelling? street for purses..and she started carrying this HORRIBLE fake Ellipse bag. It's this tacky looking "plastic" coloring and the lining, you know on the handles, has all come off!! It's SOOOOOO funny..I giggle everytime I see her with it!!
  15. LOL-at least they make your day! LOL! They must have been ugly