Just a small warning to anyone who shops at Holt Renfrew

  1. On Saturday I went to Holt's on Bloor in Toronto and bought a Black Brief and a mini compagnon. I paid credit and didnt even look at my total.

    When I got home I looked at the tag and it said $1895 Cnd!!! I thought, I know prices here are higher because of the exchange but thats a little much for the Brief with reg hardware!

    So I didnt remove the tag and went back to the store yesterday. I looked around at the other briefs, the Briefs with GH were labeled $1895 and there was a natural Brief with reg hardware labeled $1585. All the black briefs with reg hardware were labled $1895! At first the SA tried to tell me that it was a bit bigger than the natural or maybe its more expensive because of the colour :rolleyes:

    Anyway, after speaking with her very nice supervisor, he agreed that all the black Briefs were mis tagged at the Distribution Centre. He kindly gave me a refund for the difference and thanked me for bringing it to his attention. I happen to be an educated buyer but I guarantee you most people would just take the price for what it is. I hope no one else bought the Brief at this high price!
  2. geezz...I know they are always higher than the states..but for her to say it was bigger and because of the colour? I'm glad you caught that!
  3. I know....totally ridiculous. Especially considering it was Black!! Cause black is sooooo hard to find it MUST be more expensive! :rolleyes:
  4. that's crazy!!!! thanks for the heads up!!
  5. what an ignorant SA! and thanks so much for the warning :smile:
  6. omg thats really bad i'm glad u caught it. we have a lot of sa's like that in Vasncouver, they don't know what they r talking abt half the time
  7. My experience with Holt Renfrew SA's are simply not educated on the various brands of purses, they are just there to "sell". They never know the names of the different styles and make up colour names. Is it like that at all Department stores?
  8. In my experiences, yes. It its especially a problem for me, as I generally enquire by phone (if the store is in another state)

    I think because they are selling all different brands, they probably know 1 or 2 brands well... and that may just be because they like that brand themselves?

    I personally think that they should be given comprehensive training on ALL brands they sell... it would benefit the consumer, as well as the SA!

    At least they know what they are actually talking about, which will gain the confidence of the customer - and then, in turn, probably help them make more sales!

    Nice work finding their mistake BTW
  9. It seems odd that there are all these SAs who don't know their merchandise. When I did my brief stint in retail, there were brand reps that would come in and educate us on the season and different lines. From there we had brand champions whose job was to get majorally educated on a particular brand(s).

    It worked out well cause every season we would swap brands so everyone got the experience with working on the more popular labels but we each got a good feel for the merchandise.

    More so, we were QUIZZED! The floor managars and store managers took knowing the store merchandise seriously and rewarded us for knowing about it.

    Hmmm......just seems off but then I guess alot of the SAs don't see this as their "profession" but a job.
  10. Gah the SA's at Holts know nothing. Last season, they tried to convince me that "Greige" was actually called "Stone" and I had to set them straight :rolleyes:
  11. Woah!
  12. Wow that's a big difference in pricing...that's just not right!