Just a Small Something to Share *Pics*

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  1. So I know not everyone reads the RAOK thread...so I wanted to share here as well!!

    As some of you know...I am compiling the 'dream collection' list...and on it was some mono accessories....one of which is the Multicles Rabat!

    Well.....lo and behold....this came in the mail today:yahoo:

    I have another accessory coming this week...and then all I need is a Keepall and my Mono collection is complete!



    I'm throwing some keys on this right away...and my school ID & some vending machine money will be perfect in this!!!! No more digging through the wallet when I run to the dining hall for a quick bite!

    LOVE YA Buddy...you're the best :yahoo:
  2. cute...congrats!
  3. aww..congrats!!
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. how thoughtful of your RAOK buddy! :okay:
  6. oooooooooooooo, nice. I just love nice and simple LV items . They are so beautiful congrats.
  7. Twiggers. wow whatta great RAOK gift. Congrats!!!
  8. congrats!!~ thats sucha great gift.
  9. Congrats!:okay::nuts:
  10. How thoughtful !!! Very cute, i'm sure you're going to enjoy it.
  11. Really nice. I love these classics.
  12. What a great ROAK gift! Congrats!
  13. Congrats! cant wait to see pics when youve completed your collection
  14. so cute, congrats!!
  15. Wow you have a great buddy! What a perfect classic piece to add to your collection, well done buddy!