Just a reminder everyone in H

  1. We created a new reference section to help EVERYONE out when they need it, but it is only as good as we continually feed it. It just doesn't seem to be growing!

    Lately, we have had many new threads asking about colors, pics of colors, colors on leathers, leather info. and on and on. I noticed people are posting pics in these threads to help answer questions which is super.

    I am asking you to please post these pics in the proper reference sections above as well. If you can just take that extra minute it would be super!

    Remember ANYONE can take the pic and repost in the reference section. Please just make sure you credit the source/initial poster. If we all chip in a little here and there it will make a large difference.

    Thank you!!!
  2. Got it, KB. :smile:

    I'm doing it right now.
  3. Great! Thanks for the reminder, it'll be very helpful and much more easier to find info if we try and keep it in the proper place.
  4. KB - yes doing that too.
  5. KB.. True its a great reference.. i go there all the time!!
  6. That's where I was going to post the chevre thread, but I can't seem to upload pics to tpf. I have no problem uploading to other sites. I have a mac, but I'm thinking this shouldn't be a problem. Anyone else have any problems uploading to the site?
  7. Thank you all...just keep posting in there
  8. OK!!! Thanks for the reminder!
  9. Thanks Kellybag!
  10. You have to have your pics in an online album first...then go to the pic you want to post and right click or "control click" it and "copy link location". Then come back to tPF and click on that little button with the mountains and paste the link in there...you pics will appear in the message!

    Let me know if you have more questions!
  11. amytude : I am also a mac user - there are 2 options:-

    1. u can use the online album or

    2. you can click on "Go Advanced" and then "manage attachments" - you can add your picture there. This picture will add to TPF's web space.

    HTH :flowers: