just a rant

  1. i've been looking forward to buying two bags recently in the last 2 days- a black balenciaga twiggy and then the black chanel square vintage tote (from f/w 2005).

    i have to go out of town tomorrow so i've been rushing these purchases, trying to get everything settled before i leave. ironically, yesterday i got to the post office just as it closed, and today i couldn't even make it out of work in time at all to even get to the post office or bank. so, no money orders to pay for the twiggy!

    and the chanel tote is sold out (there was one possibility on the marketplace that turned out to be sold already :sad:) and would require phone calls to different department stores, so i just don't have the time before i go.

    i think it's the purse gods/goddesses' sign to me not to buy any purses!

    thanks for listening. sorry, i just needed to get that out! :shame:
  2. No problem! We all need to vent sometimes!!! Hopefully you will still be able to get the twiggy!!! And maybe you will find something even better on your trip! You never know! Have a great trip!
  3. I am not convinced....I think it is the purse gods/goddesses telling you to make a different choice!!!!!
  4. Maybe we should mobilize the PURSE ARMY and see if we can help you track the bags down? ;)
  5. thanks!
    hehe, i'm going to fort lauderdale, FL for a conference... i wish i could be shopping instead! ;)
  6. different choice?
    i'm open to suggestions....please do tell :biggrin:

  7. Omigosh you're not going to unleash THOSE demons again, are you?:amazed:
    Can I watch!:lol:
  8. is there really a purse army? :blink:
    haha, that's sweet of you! i feel better already that people don't think i'm absolutely nuts!
  9. Could be anything...but to go from two possible purses to no purses is so...drastic!!! Don't be rash....there is another bag out there just calling your name!!!:lol:
  10. that's true.
    well, i'm not saying i'm not going to buy ANY purses (i mean, how realistic is that! ;)) but maybe for now i'll wait . . . a week. :lol:
  11. That Chanel purse is not sold out! I will call Neiman's for you if you want!
  12. Well, if there could be a KISS Army, h*ll yeah there can be a purse army!! :biggrin: