just a quickie re 'off ebay' transactions

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  1. Hi - I'm just wondering what can go wrong for the seller on an 'off' ebay transaction? The buyer would gift the money to me and I would post the item with full tracking, signature, insurance etc. Is there any way the money could be reversed by them?
    Thanks for any replies...
  2. Don't do it. There is too much to lose. Skim the threads in this forum and there are enough horror stories to let you know not to do it.
  3. It depends on how their paypal account is set up. If they send you an e-check through paypal, you or they could stop payment on (cancel) it before it clears. It is imperative that a seller not send the item until the e-check clears/is deposited into their paypal account. If the buyer's paypal is linked to their credit card, they could always dispute the charge on their credit card.

    Depending on the value of the item, it is not advised to complete a private transaction outside of an e-commerce website unless there is an established relationship with the buyer and seller due to the seller/buyer having little to no recourse/documentation/communication/protection if the buyer/seller decides to swindle the seller/buyer in some way (wants to return the item and substitutes a fake, takes the merch/money and runs, etc.).
  4. I agree with everyone that said Do Not Do it outside ebay. It will create alot of trouble for you since communication will not be traceable and in case of a SNAD, paypal will side with the buyer and the buyer can ever go as far and claiming with their bank or CC company that the purchased was unauthorized.
  5. thanks for your replies - I will not risk it thanks! I do not know the seller and her feedback is pretty low! appreciate it!
  6. I did an off-ebay transaction after I ended one of my listings. A buyer really wanted it after I told her I was not re-listing. I sent the money request from paypal for "goods" not as a gift. That way I could enter a tracking number and the buyer could have some recourse if the package did not arrive. I did not have any problems but I would not do it again. I got lucky because this buyer was honest and I had a record of the tracking showing it was delivered.
  7. you could maybe ask the buyer to complete payment via western union or USPS money order ?
  8. I'm in the Uk actually so I don't think that is an option.....but thanks..... I've taken my listing off actually - I kept taking extra pics for people and decided I couldn't bear to sell!!! doh!
  9. If that's your doggie in your avatar, he's (or she) cute!
  10. I've had sellers suggest to deal off ebay, and I don't think it as problematic as others suggest. But if a buyer Is suggesting paypal gift I would worry as essentially they are giving up ebay/pp protection.

    A buyer cannot start a Snad/Inr if you pay by via paypal gift but they might claim unauthorised payment if they paid via credit card.