Just a quick reveal

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  1. Hey guys, just a quick reveal of what came today.
    Not really a "silver" person but I liked it so much I decided to get out of my comfort zone.
    This is my first bag charm. I tried on a few but I liked how to could see the outline of the shapes & the color will blend in nicely.
    I've had my eye on this for awhile because it can travel in any weather without fear. I think it will be a great cross body bag for me.
    This is my first DE bag. I liked it because the size isn't too huge, the length of the strap isn't too long, the handles can turn in when using it as a shoulder bag, it doesn't have a pouch zipper separator in the bag, just a stiff separator. I don't know if you're following me on that point but I find whenever I use one of the zippered pouches built into a bag, it get full & there's no room on the outside of the built-in pouch. Sorry if it's confusing. I also like that it's all weather.
    There's an inside zip pocket & it's on the opposite side of the larger "outside" zip pocket. I think the set-up will help me figure out where I've placed everything in the bag. I also figure if I get tired of the long outside zipper, I can turn the bag around & it will look like a simple tote.
    Hope you can appreciate the pictures. Just wanted to share. Thanks [emoji4][emoji137]🏻
  2. Wow! That's quite a haul [emoji7]. Beautiful!! Love that BB especially!!
  3. Wow!! Killer haul! Great pieces!
  4. Thanks 😊
  5. Amazing choices!!! congrats!
  6. Thanks
  7. Great Haul! Whats the size of the Brompton? Is the size comparible to a speedy 30 or speedy 35?

  8. Thanks! The brompton is approximately 12-13" wide x 9.5" high & the base measures 5" wide. I only have a Speedy emp. 25. I think you can get the measurements of a 30 or a 35 off the website. Hope this helps [emoji112]🏻
  9. Beautiful purchases!!! Love them all. Congrats to you and enjoy :smile:
  10. Congrats on all of your beautiful LV. You have a nice assortment here. Enjoy!
  11. Amazing haul!! Love that DE bag and I don't normally love DE bags. Great picks!!:biggrin:

  12. Thanks you guys....I'm looking forward to using them. I agree Meg, since this is my first DE bag (& I've been using LV a long time), it must have been what I was wearing (black I'm sure), how simple the style/shape of the bag was & easy in/easy out for usage that drew the bag to me. I'm not saying I'm open to more DE bags but I'm looking forward to using this. It should be interesting.
  13. Congratulations on you amazing haul!! I tried on the Brompton and that is one awesome bag!! Congrats!
  14. Congrats! Nice haul!!
  15. great LV's - congrats!
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