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  1. How long do most of yalls Koobas last for yall? A year? Just a few years? More than a few? Does it depend on the actual bag? Of course I'm a Paige-owner and I'm always indecisive... I don't know why but I just want a general idea of what to get in the future or if my Paige is hard to maintain or not. What color(s) do you guys prefer on ANY Kooba? My next hunt is for a brown colored one... I have too many dark/black bags, etc.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Hi Lucegoose,
    I've had my lena since winter 2006. I think it's still in a great shape. It doesn't wear as easily as my MARC by marc jacobs bag....and way better than botkier. I'm planning on using it for at least a few more years. I think as long as the styles don't go out of date, using it for 5~10 years should not be a problem.
  3. Wow!! Imagine using an LV for that long... at least 10 years, that is what I call a classic bag. The more vintage, the better. I like the vintage look anyways. I love my Marc by MJ, I still have mine from last year or so. But then again, I switch my bags out. I usually don't carry purses. The one bag I had I used for school my senior year and got worn out easily, was my Longchamp.
  4. Wear that bag! It's a workhorse. You can count on those bags from 2005-2006 to last many many years. I had a GF who wore a Kooba Jessie in the same leather as the Paige non stop 24/7 for over 1 1/2 years. It was her only pag. It was very soft and broken in but did NOT look terrible by any means. The only difference in it and a new one was hers was more stretched out from her overstuffing it. Old Koobas were meant to last. There are may girls here using Sienna's for many years and can attest to this.
  5. I will Lexie, just gotta find the right time to do it... only saying this bc not all my school stuff can fit in there so maybe in the summer once school is out. I saw another brown Paige that I like but think it looks too orangey. Hope they pop up more on ebay, etc. bc I personally don't like the new Koobas.
  6. I am always rotating out my bags, so I guess my answer would be that it is all relative to how much you wear them. I use my Jessie and my Sienna at least 3 or 4 days out of the month and when I look at them, they are both in absolute prime condition....no wear anywhere at all. But, I am so good with all my bags, and even though I have some that I wear more often, they also look like nothing has ever happened to them. But, as a whole, I would say that the older Kooba bags will last a lifetime. I wish I could have an answer for the bags that have been on the market for the last 2 years or so, but I don't have any experience with those at all. Like Lexie said......'Wear that bag"!!!
  7. I carried my Sienna for a year straight... almost no wear whatsoever. No need to be gentle with the old Koobas. Go for it!