Just a quick poll: Box or Croc?

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If you had the opportunity to buy only ONE of the following, which would you choose?

  1. 35 birkin in box

  2. JPG kelly mini / clutch in crocodile

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay, guys! I'd love to get some of your opinions here.

    I know they're really apples and oranges, but if you had a choice between them (and you can only choose ONE), which would you pick? And why?
  2. Croc clutch all the way! Classic at night, stunningly stylish for daytime (I would even wear it with jeans and heels).
  3. I voted for the birkin, because that is what I would use more.

    But I dont get out much, LOL, thats why the KP would mostly have to stay in its sleeper or perhaps the little shrine I would build for it.
  4. ebruo, I'd definitely wear one with jeans, too. :smile:

    Cobalt, I'd use the birkin more, too. I've already got 2 box birkins, but it's such a great leather, can you really just stop at one?? (Loving the idea of the shrine, btw!)
  5. I want both!! But if you go out enough to use it, the croc clutch allllllll the way.
  6. Only one if I don't have anything, I would choose a brikin as I can use it more often for day time. :yes: But right now, I'm dying for JPG croc mini clutch! :heart:
  7. You go out quite a bit I think, so I would go with the clutch. Also, I tend to like "rich" foods in small doses. If I could do a Birkin it would have to be 25 or perhaps a 30.
  8. I am totally in love with ANYTHING that is croc. You can't go wrong.
  9. Since you already have 2 box Birkins, I'd go for the croc!
  10. the croc because boxcalf is so thin at the moment (I mean literally thin, not "scarce"!). I'm waiting for better quality for box, and biding my time snapping up vintage box!

    Also....JPG clutches are a little piece of heaven in croc......
  11. AL, you have much wisdom. :smile:

    Interesting. After a strong lead, the box votes have now been outrun by the crocs.
  12. I hadn't thought of that (the thinness). Good point.
  13. Depends on which colours you're talking, too.........he, he, he.....
  14. Croc! And hurry up about it, so we can see!!!:graucho:
  15. The box I was contemplating is really a hypothetical, so I'd say probably black. I'm in the mood for a good basic!