Just a quick one

  1. Hey I shouldn't really be on here (stupid coursework deadlines and all GRRRR:cursing: ) but I just thought I'd let you know my 'international cell phone strap' was delivered earlier on, I'm using it in much the same way as Monogramboy does! and its oh so cool lol. I'll post pics if I get the time, and if people want them, but it might not be until the weekend or next wee.
  2. Congrats - I can't wait to check out the pics!
  3. Congrats :smile:
  4. right on. I shouldn't be here either...hehe...
  5. Congrats, cant wait to see it :smile:
  6. I wanna see. Post pictures soon :smile:
  7. lets some pics, totally interested
  8. cool george, when you can show us....
  9. Congrats, George!
  10. Yeah!!! Can't wait to see the pix, and Good Luck to your deadlines! :flowers:
  11. Congrats! can't wait to see the pics.
  12. I would LOVE to see pics of that!
  13. Congrats- hope to see pics