Just a quick hello from Hawaii!

  1. Hello all!

    Hope everyone had a great holiday! DH surprised us with a trip to Hawaii (even though someone let it slip). So I have only been able to pop in a few times since Christmas and will be the same for the rest of the week!

    Have fun and be safe on New Year's eve everyone!

  2. Oh, I was just wondering if Twinkle made it to Hawaii. Did you pull it off that you were surprised that he had planned this? Or did you go on and pack your bags...KNOWING you were going? :smile:
  3. Oooh, wow, Hawaii! Have fun, and soak up lots of sun!
  4. OMG enjoy yourself!! What a sweet sweet DH!!!!!!!! Is the weather beautiful?? I am going to Hawaii in March!!
  5. Enjoy the sun and the :beach: !!!
  6. jealous over here! where in hawaii are you? did I tell you how jealous I am right now????
  7. Hello!!! Hope you are having a great time!
  8. Have fun and enjoy ur time :heart:

    Happy Holidays :flowers:
  9. Awhhh, that is sweet! Enjoy Hawaii!
  10. Wow! :nuts: Lucky you, twinkle!

    Hope you are having a wonderful time! :biggrin:
  11. Wow! You are so lucky. Enjoy it, I bet it is just beautiful!
  12. Have fun! :party:
  13. I think I did do pretty well acting surprised, it was driving me crazy but, I didn't pack :smile:
  14. The weather has been pretty good. A few showers, especially today...but still warm and lovely.
  15. Hope you have a lovely time there!