Just a quick ? about the birth of modern luxery

  1. Is it completley sold out? :confused1: I've looked all over the internet and can't find a copy other than for 500$+ and thats ridonkulous considering the retail was 125$.
  2. 8 views and no one knows the answer :sad:
  3. sorry no help
  4. Try going to your local book shop - they might have some copies. Can't always rely on the internet. I saw one not long ago in one of the bookshops here in Dubai. I got my copy nearly 2 years ago whilst on holiday in bangkok. Did'nt realise that I had made such a good investment! Just keep digging. Perhaps you'll come across someone who doesn't know the value. Good luck!
  5. I've checked all the borders and B&N in my area. I guess i'l try calling all the non-chain book stores next.
  6. Fingers crossed!
  7. yes, the book has been out of print. the only way you can get it is through eBay. i sold mine for 350. good luck on finding one!!! it really is a great book, very heavy though.