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  1. Hey guys,

    Don't know if this question was asked before so my apologies if it was.

    I recently purchased an item on Ebay and the item was shipped via Priority mail international. The seller noted on her listing that she is not responsible for the item once shipped.

    I'm not worried about the package right now as it's only been a week and a half (although I did expect it to be here by now) I just want to be proactive should the worst case scenario occur. From my understanding, the seller is responsible for the package and if the buyer does not receive it, then it is the seller's duty to refund the money. Would Ebay/Paypal rule in the seller's favour based on her "waiver" on the listing??? What would be my options? Thanks.:smile:
  2. I'm assuming you don't have a tracking number? If the seller can't prove she ever shipped it, and that it was delivered, then it's her responsibility.
  3. Ebay doesnt care about her "wavier" if she didnt give you tracking information, and you dont receive it, she will have to refund you under a "INR"
  4. Sellers love the "not my responsibility after I ship" line. That's totally false: their responsibility is up until you have the item in your hands and are happy with it. If the item gets lost or damaged in transit, then the seller has not performed.
  5. I always chuckle when the auction listing says Seller is not reponsible if the item gets lost in transit. As I understand it, if Seller cannot prove that the item was delivered, Seller is indeed responsible!
  6. Seller's waiver is not going to hold up with PayPal or ebay, it's her responsibility to get the item to you safely.
  7. From the US to Canada is about 3 weeks, maybe as long as 5.
  8. the seller would be responsible, the tracking number is more to save their backsides
  9. Thanks for the input guys. She did provide a tracking number but nothing has been updated since Sep 3, 2010. I'm thinking it most likely stuck in Canada Customs which probably means I'l have to pay some fees. I just hope it turns up soon I hate playing the waiting game.:tdown:
  10. I sell a lot on ebay and when they changed the policy about shipping insurance (from optional to sellers choice about it) I remember specific wording in the emails that said you can't say that you are not responsible after the item is shipped
    It is the seller responsibility to either include insurance in the shipping charge or eat the cost of a lost item
    Ebay should rule in your favor if you don't receive it
    Also, how was it shipped? If she printed the label through paypal for USPS priority then the tracking number is functional. BUT if she shipped it from the post office or with a flat rate box/envelope then the tracking number DOES NOT WORK.
    I had to learn that the hard way when an item was lost shipping it international. In that situation ebay did rule in favor of the buyer since the tracking number was non-functional and they couldn't confirm delivery
    good luck!
  11. ^^ Thanks for that info!!!

    I dont know how it was shipped but the tracking number starts with letter LJ with a series of numbers and ends with US.

  12. Is this stated anywhere in the Ebay terms and conditions? I would love to have a link to it for reference.
  13. i think you can call the P.O. to find out where the package is. i'd also call ebay to verify how long you supposed to wait to file INR.
  14. I checked my mailbox today and again the package is not here. Mail carriers don't usually come in the afternoon so I think it is safe to say that I won't get it today. I couldn't find a number on the website to call Ebay but the site took me to a list of FAQ's. I chose the item not received question, along with the purchased item i am referring to and a message popped up that if I didn't get the item by today that I should contact them and the seller.

    I have already contacted the seller and asked her to contact her PO to investigate. I hoping she will help me out. Should I contact Ebay now or should I wait for her response? At this point I am really concerned as I never had to wait this long for a package before shipped priority mail or even First Class mail. Packages usually take no longer than a week to a week and a half to get to my mailbox. :pout:
  15. here is a link:

    This is what it says (I can't find the one that I read in the email they sent me):
    Can I add insurance charges to my invoice?

    You can't charge a separate fee for insurance, but you can incorporate any insurance costs into your item's price or handling cost. Whether or not you choose to insure the item, you still need to make sure your item arrives as described.