Just a perfect day, I wanna share it with you

  1. I have been eyeing all of your beautiful pictures and lived vicariously through your wonderful stories ever since I joined tPF with no much of a visual input from myself. Today was the perfect day for taking some pictures. Why perfect you might ask? No reason really, just a perfect day. We didn't do anything related to pre-Christmas preparations and just let it go. We went to the Yacht Club and drank wine and ate delish food all day long in a company of the most cute and cheeky seagulls. The weather was absolutely fabulous for these places: a nice cool breeze and all the heat was gone for the day.
    I can justify this post by wearing my shoulder Birkin in etoupe, double-tour kelly bracelet and Jardins d'Hiver plisse (thank you tods123 for giving it a name:heart:).
    :heart:Merry Christmas tPF:heart:
    23122007066.jpg 23122007068.jpg 23122007069.jpg 23122007070.jpg 23122007071.jpg
  2. Some more shoots. I just loved the weather!
    23122007072.jpg 23122007073.jpg 23122007075.jpg 23122007077.jpg 23122007078.jpg
  3. A, Beautiful pix. thanks so much. You are so young and hip. Ah, the perfect days of youth! I can sort of remember them! ;0)
    Have a wonderful holiday, love!
  4. [​IMG]

    You look lovely with your JPG!

    How tall are you, btw?
  5. ...Getting darker and drunker...
    23122007079.jpg 23122007080.jpg 23122007081.jpg 23122007082.jpg 23122007085.jpg
  6. "Almost there" condition :drinkup:
    23122007086.jpg 23122007087.jpg 23122007088.jpg 23122007089.jpg 23122007093.jpg
  7. Thanks for posting you look great!! I love the Birkin!x
  8. Now we're there! Hugging a tree and laying on top of the car :p:wlae: .
    I hope I entertained you tonight if even a little.
    :heart:Merry Christmas tPF:heart:, love A
    23122007094.jpg 23122007095.jpg 23122007091.jpg 23122007092.jpg
  9. i'm glad you had such a wonderful day! Your JPG Birkin looks fabulous on you!
  10. Aminamina, thank you for sharing what does look like such a wonderful day! You look fantastic and it's so nice to put a face with a name. Happy holidays!!
  11. Oh, what lovely photos! You look soooo chic! Thanks so much for sharing your glorious day with us!
  12. [​IMG]

    It was lovely to share your day with you through your photos - you look gorgeous and relaxed wearing your new plisse - great bag too - my favourite colour. Have a great Christmas.
  13. Love Love the pics!! I was.... 'on a dock in the bay'...today myself!! I love the casual shots with the wine in the right hand...(yup, me too!) :angel:overlooking the water. I can feel the relaxation. Heaven. :girlsigh:I'm suchhhh a cheapppp date, me, I'm sent after 1 martini OK One &1/2. Anyway back to it, you look great and I love the pics!!! Your JPG is fantastic, the etoupe is such an unbelievable color. I'm hoping maybe next year for me X (fingers crossed). Bye, I'm out so I've got to fly to the store.
  14. That truely is a good day :rolleyes:
  15. You look sooooo happy. Merry Chritmas. Love your jpg