Just a little VENT about Eluxury...=(

  1. Okay~ I was SO happy to order my Amarante zippy 2 days ago! E-lux distribution is only 6 hours away from me and I usually get my package asap (i.e., 1 day). However~ not the case the last 2 times ordering. My Ivorie speedy took a few days (3) and I didn't get the tracking number until the day it arrived. Now I haven't gotten a tracking number for my zippy so I called Elux. They stated it shipped yesterday, so I sat around ALL day waiting. Now it is 4:30 p.m. my time so I call Elux again. This SA tells me that it hasn't shipped yet and is ready to be shipped. WTF? I cannot stand incompetence. All I wanted to know was wether I needed to sit around all day or not...now I have to sit around all day tomorrow and maybe the next day. I live in a small town and Fed-Ex does not leave anything...ever (as they are based in a town an hour away). And to finally get it is like pulling teeth if you are not home.

    I am just like :wtf:and :crybaby: because I was really looking forward to it....Thanks for letting me vent.....

  2. I order from them ALOT, sometimes they are really fast (and I live across the country) but you're right, many times I get an email from them telling me its shipped and on the way the day AFTER I receive my items!! Maybe its the father's day rush and from the free delivery promo they had 2 weeks ago. At least you got an amarante !!!!!
  3. It *might* also be because the items are so new and not even the stores have them in yet.
    But that'll make it even better when you get your package!!
  4. Sorry Ghost, that is a bummer! It is so hard to wait for new LV and even more frustrating when they say its been shipped, you wait around and it hasn't arghhhhh! Don't worry though it will be worth the wait that color looks amazing!
  5. Thanks guys;)...I knew there would be fellow LV enthusiasts who understand. As of now...it still hasn't shipped. I just wish I didn't live in a small town. I wouldn't have to sit around, I could just pick it up at the Fed-ex building. One of the cons of small town living.

    Thanks for listening....I will TRY to wait patiently....:whistle:
  6. Oh no what a pain..I've found them to be iffy...I ordered something once and found out a week later they never shipped since it went out of stock:wtf:. -Ok but no email letting me know ??
    Hope it arrives soon I hate waiting too

  7. Thanks! That would be horrible~ waiting for an item that you thought you purchased and they didn't even have it:wtf:...I would have been so upset especially if you didn't live by an LV (as I do not). I finally got the shipment info this morning. It is still in Memphis TN. So~ I will have to sit and wait today and tomorrow if it still hasn't made it here. :shrugs:
  8. :wtf:That sucks.
    I hope it arrives soon!
    I really want to Amarante Zippy too so i will just wait for your pics ;)

  9. I'll keep you posted!:tup:
  10. Sorry about your problems with them, I feel blessed, My amarante pochette wallet was ordered on the 14th and delivered on the 15th!
    i missed the driver , but after much 'b......tching, I got it redelivered by 530 pm.
    I have have much luck with them-maybe b/c I'm pretty close, in Louisiana.
    I know you'll love the zippy, but I wanted the pochette, love her, love the shape and color!!!!!!!
  11. They took a week to place in my order and elux for my Marilyn. Interestingly enough, they even called my credit card company to verify all information before sending. If it weren't for Amex, I would have not known the day of shipment.
  12. I started another thread about new information I received from elux...it has been moved to general forum (i.e., playground...please follow up there)

  13. I totally feel your pain.
  14. you have it? its safe witih you? all is well.
  15. I do! Finally after all the drama. It is safe w/ me and I can honestly say I will NOT be oredering any more that I can think of for a while:graucho:..I posted the brentwood in club amarante...Thanks for thinking about me! :yes: