just a little teaser...

  1. does anyone remember when the legacys' first came out...

    and they did a remake of it in cotton signature? and the brown completely sold out?

    well it's backkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    after the canvas solid in april, we shall have the legacy cotton signature collection (for the SAs/Managers that wants to look it up)

    i'm super psyched because not only will they make the brown again, they shall also have denim...

    and jade! :yahoo:

    of course, since the legacy collection is updated, they shall have it in the shoulder bag, the ali slim flap, the satchel and so on...also the carly!! and have wristlets (2 versions - one 128$ the other 98$)

    i tell you because so far, the really CUTE with turnlock closure multi-function wallet that will also be a part of the collection is 128$, price listed. the colors are for all across, but some pieces only come in some color...for now.

    this is all due out in may.

    i can't wait to dig deeper but i thought i'd just let you guys know what's coming. for those who have read this far congrats!

    ;p i tend to write essays.
  2. Very exciting. Thanks for the report!!
  3. AWESOME!!! Thanks for the tips! When will pics of these items be available?? Can't wait to see what they look like!!!!
  4. That sounds great. I'd love something in denim.
  5. sounds amazing! i'm really looking forward to the jade color.

    i love your posts and how you say 'shall', lol... they're my fave! :smile:
  6. Cool....can't wait!!!
  7. *cough* some may be ordered now

    but the release date is scheduled for may so far. you know coach, anything goes. might even show up april

    but i saw the remake of the current catalog (the cover is really cute!) and there are no new pages

    so i think it will be out during may as scheduled.
  8. Oh, sounds so exciting, ms-whitney! I always love reading your posts, especially when it's little tidbits of information like this!! I'm looking forward to seeing the slim flap!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. lol thank you jennn! i didn't really notice it :sweatdrop: a habit i guess :p

    i can't wait for the jade color either! hehe. i love the sound of it...
  10. you're welcome! :smile:

    of course, you'd be the first to hear of the ergo patent when the details comes out! ;)
  11. JADE!!! :wtf: Did someone say, "JADE"??? :graucho:

    Can't wait to see them....
  12. Ms-whitney, is it possible that the Carly will ever have silver hardware?? I love it so much but can't take the brass!
  13. unfortunately the new carly is in brass hardware too

    sorry lisa

    i love silver more then gold too. but so far, nothing.

    you never know, they may come out with silver, i'll look around, but so far it's all brass
  14. Jade and denim? Those sound great!! :jammin:
  15. now i am really excited!!!