just a little sumthin sumthin... :)

  1. Ok so my brother figured out how to unlock the iPhone so he did so and gifted me it...then I freaked because I didnt have a case

    but voilaaaa one 45 min trip trying every case possible later:

    the multicles rabat!!!

    I attached a prada phone charm to it because, well i was orig supposed to get the prada phone...but i got tired of waiting for it and and and....yeah :smile:

    and just a quick pic of the other goodies i bought that day - gucci clutch, gucci ice trays and burberry gloves
  2. very cute!
  3. I dont really want to put a downer on your thread but I heard most unlocked iphone's will be virtually useless when updates are needed...
  4. super cute...congrats!
  5. I want one now!!! *adds to wishlist*

    Congrats on the great new purchases! ;)
  6. congrats! congrats! and i too want the lg prada phone. is it available in the states?
  7. Congrats - and the prada charm is so cute !
  8. Congratz! It fits perfect in that rabat!
  9. thanks guys!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

    and thanks for the concern juicebox, but there is always ways to get around the updates ;)...first off you dont REALLY need them...and second it's all done through iTunes and I use a different program for my songs and such that is just like itunes but safe....and yeah I honestly dont understand it but my brother and cousins are the BIGGEST computer geeks in the WORLD!!! hehe :smile:
  10. congrats on all your new goodies. the Multicles Rabat is so versatile. i really want an iPhone now! but we won't get these in till next year i think. the little Prada Trick bear is very cute too.
  11. congrats!!
  12. oh good idea. I wonder if that would work as a case for my iPod Touch?
  13. Congrats! It's perfect for your phone!
  14. congrats! My bf told me if you unlock the phone you have to have an unlimited data plan because the phone is set up to automatically send and receive updates. Or else the bill will be sky high!!

    You are lucky to have unlocked it. The newer iPhones won't work b/c AT&T has set up some thing where if you unlock it, the next time the phone receives and update, the phone will automatically relocked.

    Enjoy your iPhone and multicles!
  15. congrats!