just a little something....

  1. nothing huge, but i'm pretty excited about it :smile: i've been looking for an H keychain for a while now, and haven't loved any of the designs. but i ADORE this little hippo....and now it's mine!!!!! :yahoo:

    front (raisin):

    back (vert anis):
  2. Sweet..:okay:
  3. So cute!!!
  4. I like that color combo!! Congrats shoppingsmycardio!
  5. love the color combo
  6. Very cute and two of my fav H colors!
  7. so cute:smile:
  8. Lovely !!! congrats !!!!
  9. CUTE!! Love the color combo
  10. YAAYYYY!!!! I love it TOO!!!!
  11. Cute, congrats!
  12. So Cute
  13. THAT is adorable! And I love the colors.
  14. ahh, he's lovely, congrats

  15. Darling and in great colors.