Just a little something from the LV store today!

  1. I took my mom to the LV store today to look for Christmas presents (for myself and her). I really want to buy her a LV purse for Christmas so I had her look around!!! I wanted to purchase the Fleur de Porcelaine bandeau they had still but someone had already grabbed it up! I was just there last week :crybaby:
    Oh well, I couldn't leave without something. So, I decided that I need the Louis Vuitton Book they had on display, and they happened to have in stock. Now I can brush up on my LV history! Its a lovely book by the way...:yahoo:
  2. Oh I would love one! May I ask how much those run in USD?
  3. Congrats! I have been thinking about this book. May I ask, what the price was?
  4. The book cost $125...and it appears that only the botiques have them now. I couldn't find them online at a bookstore anywhere and was going to bid on one on eBay.... I'm sure glad I waited!:nuts:
  5. I bought this book back in July...I have yet to actually read it cause I've been distracted by all the amazing photographs!!! It's a definate must for any Louis Vuitton aficionado!
  6. I heard it's a stunning book! I was on a waiting list to it but I had to wait for 3 months after they said I'd get it by a certain date (some online book site) so I canceled it.
  7. Very cool! Post any fun tidbits of info that you find!! :smile:
  8. congrats! i can't wait to get mine! my aunt finally caved and promised it to me for christmas! woo hoo!!!!
  9. Omigod, I thought there was no more!!! O:huh:h.. must go take a look...

    Congratulations on getting yours!!!

    Oh CRAP.. I just remembered.. I can't spend anymore money... :crybaby:

  10. :yes: :yes:
  11. Oh my gosh, my mom also bought for me in July for my birthday! I haven;t read it too, because I just love to look at the pictures.:yes: :yes:
  12. I wants it!
  13. Congrats!
    Dh bought me that book this year for my birthday. I love the book its fab!
  14. congrats
  15. That's awesome! This is on my Christmas list. Congrats!
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