Just a little somethin' I'm doing for BJ...

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  1. First things first, BJ is the name of my GM Evelyne, obvously inspired by the colour. Now that it's winter, I am not too keen to carry it diagonally across the body, messenger style. It's fun in Summer, but as a soon-to-be-38 year old woman, shoulder bag version has more uses for me.

    I did the tie-with-a-twilly version, which looks fab, but the twilly gets a bit looser as the day goes by and a bright twilly in winter gets a bit tiresome after a while. I also really like wearing it with my Prada butterfly keyring and it looks a bit too much with the keyrig and twilly together.

    So...I called the boutique today and I am having the strap shortened by half tomorrow. I am also ordering an extra normal length strap, so I'll have two straps for two different uses. I think it's totally worth it. When I go on holiday for example, I can take both straps and adapt messenger style for daytime shopping and elegant shoulder bag for evening.

    Just wanted to share... I will take a picture tomorrow evening with the short strap. E. over and out.
  2. That is such a brilliant idea! Cannot wait to see how it works when you get it- but I love that you are going to have so much versatility!
  3. oooh, Im trying to picture it.
  4. Fabulous idea, would love to see pics!
  5. Please model for us so we can see "visually".
    Great new inventiveness!
  6. :heart: The GM Evelyne....So Versatile:yes:...Ebruo ~ You Ideas Are Fabulous:heart: I Can't Wait To See!!!!!
  7. ebruo, Great ideas!! I can't wait to see the pictures. :smile:
  8. please show us pics. please:yes:
  9. Can't wait to see pics! That's a great idea to have the two straps!!! :tup:

    (One other way to deal with the Twilly or scarf getting looser....I used to take a really soft nylon hair elastic and wrap it around the hardware and attatch the strap through the elastic to secure it and then tie the Twilly or scarf on over the elastic to hide it. That way the pressure is on the elastic , not the scarf.) :flowers:
  10. Here you go! The shortened version -so comfy! The original longer version has been ordered!

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  11. ebruo, Love :heart:what you have done to the strap. It looks fantastic on you. What a great idea. And you will also have a longer strap!!!
  12. Love it! I really do wish they made their messenger bags with adjustable straps. I know so many people who turn them down because they don't sit right on thier bodies!

    Looks great!
  13. Thanks, in the picture I'm wearing it with my coat, so it sits quite comfortably on top of winter layers as well.
  14. ebruo, that looks great! :smile:
  15. I love it. What a wonderful idea Ebruo.:love: