just a little small something

  1. went to the coach store after dinner at carrabba's. i needed (read:wanted) a lanyard for my cell, and saw the pink sig on coach.com. i loved it person so i had to have it. plus it stands out against my black phone. the sa put it on for me, which was great.

    i finally got to sample the perfume...much better than the sample in the catalog!! i really like it, and may end up buying some. she gave me some to take home, and put some of the solid on my wrists. my husband really likes it, so we'll see. i'm going to see how it goes for the next week, and decide if i should buy some or not.

    saw the ergo hobo and ergo wallet while there...LOVE LOVE LOVE both!!! The ergo hobo is a great size, and the wallet has really got me wanting it. it made me change my mind about ordering the ergo keyfob...so we shall see...i need to edit my wishlist!

    here's pics of my lanyard...


  2. Congrats, blackbutterfly!! Hey, I got my Ergo large tote in camel so we are bag twins now! It's more gorgeous in person than in pics! I could not believe how soft the leather is! I kept petting it! Anyway, your lanyard is adorable! Lucky you going to Carrabba's! We love Carrabba's but there isn't one near us here!
  3. Ooooooh, very pretty. Love it with the black! Congrats!
  4. NICE lanyard, thats delish! i want that ergo tote so bad! woowee gf, keep that list updated lol!
  5. Very cute! The Ergo hobos were cute? I really want to see the white one IRL :smile:
  6. I have a lanyard that is similiar in khaki/blue. I'm not normally a pink person but this one is totally calling my name!
  7. blackbutterfly, congrats! Its SO pretty!
  8. Very pretty! Enjoy!
  9. congrats on getting your tote, don't you just love it!! it's the best size, and the camel is gorgeous. i really want to get the ergo wallet now, the more and more i look at it.

    carrabba's was delish tonight!! it's close to us, but we don't go that much...but when we do, YUM!!

    the ergo hobos are very cute!! the sa's was the larger size, and it was camel. the interior is NOT legacy striped like the totes. it's similar to the color of my carly...that beige-ish color. it fits great on the shoulder, and her matching wallet is gorgeous. i just can't decide if i want it in camel or turquoise.
  10. Love the lanyard! So cute!!!
  11. Cute. I like the contrast.
  12. Congrats- that is so pretty,