Just a little pick-me-up...*pics*

  1. My DH was here visiting for the weekend and when he left this morning I was feeling blue...so I dropped by BalMilan and picked up a little something to cheer me up. :rolleyes: Here it is :heart:Aqua Coin:heart:, and my first coin too. I really love the size, I'm using it as my wallet for now...

    It's so CUTE! :flowers:
    aquacoin_0400.JPG aquacoin_0402.JPG aquacoin_0404.JPG
  2. Pretty color! I love aqua.:tup:
  3. Aw, what a nice pick-me-up! Beautiful color! Congrats!
  4. So sweet! What a lovely little gift to yourself. :yes:
  5. Pretty! I think I will be getting one today too...
  6. Wonderful! Great splash of color and fun pick me up :yes:

    My DH travels a ton and so everytime he leaves I buy something new :nogood:
  7. oh it's lovely, congrats.
  8. Wat a Cutie~! Thanks for posting the comparison pix next to your city. The coin purse is actually a lot bigger than I had originally thought~! :idea:
  9. So cute! I just purchased my first coin purse as well and am it was a little pick me up! hehe. Don't you just love the Aqua color? It's so sublime. :love:
  10. YAY!!!!!! Congrats!!! It is beautiful and soooo cute!!!:love::cutesy::love:
  11. hey all - thanks! Aqua IS sublime and the coin is great because it gives a fun dose of Bal color and leather but is also big enough to hold something! I think it's important to give ourselves little gifts from time to time. ;) Things that aren't big bday or holiday or anniversary presents, like bbags are for me...just hang-in-there-you're-doing-great bonuses :yes:
  12. I love the coin purse! I just got a black one and it is so true about it being bigger than it looks. I'm already thinking of getting another in a bright color.
  13. Sooo so CUTE:cutesy:...aqua is cool :supacool:!!!
  14. [​IMG]
    Isn't that the cutest!! Coin purses - what a perfect pick me up!!:tender:
  15. its so cute and i love aqua!! what a nice feel better pressie!!