:) Just a little more help needed....

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Which Color? Link to bag in post!

  1. brass/khaki/mahogany (brown)

  2. brass/khaki/parchment (white)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ok, I posted a thread the other day asking which bag people liked and got a lot of feedback that helped me choose the one I want (thanks ladies....i love this board) but now I need to pick color....

    This is the purse:


    And the color choices are:


    Help please. I call my store tomorrow to order.
  2. i chose the mahogany because i think it looks better than the white plus i think its easier to keep clean and wear trhoughout more seasons.
  3. ^^I agree with batgirl...definitely mahogany!^^:yes:
  4. Agreed.....my vote went to mahogany.
  5. I like the parchment for summer, I think it looks fresher. But if you want the bag for more year 'round wear, I would go with the mahogany.
  6. Sorry, I have to say white. Classic, clean, crisp, pure, and a little different.
  7. I like the mahogany. It's a great color, easy to keep clean and works all year long.
  8. LOVE the parchment!
  9. I voted mahogany because it's easier to keep clean and will carry you through the seasons! Beautiful bag either way though.
  10. I went with mahogany too, for all the reasons previously mentioned.
  11. crap I love both. I voted for parchment though ... but both are awesome.
  12. I love both, but I voted for the parchment. It's just so clean looking :smile:
  13. I'm a fan of the Mahogany!
  14. The mahagony is gorgeous, I think Coach does brown the best, it is always a great shade. But...I am just partial to the parchment, I just love it, sorry :sad: I saw this exact bag on a girl the other day, in the parchment, and I wish I needed a tote because it was stunning :drool:. I'm sure the brown is easier to keep clean though but I still LOVE the parchment.
  15. I love the tote in brown. I have seen it in person and it is very classy. The white is nice too but I know that I would have bad luck and get a stain on it.