Just a little bit blue....

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  1. Well, after 3 months of waiting, being a good girl :tender: Making my layaway payments in cash.... she finally arrived this morning.... Got to the PO before work, opened her in the car and transferred all my stuff to my gorgeous 1st city!!!! Wow! This bag looks brand new... she is soooooo stunning! I'm so tempted to sell all LV for B-Bags.... I'm afraid I'm going to use her until she just falls to pieces....lol:love::cloud9::love:

    Here is miss Ciel... hearthrob...:yahoo: ooops, did butt shot first, and boy B-bag colors sure are hard to photograph. This was in daylight outside my office, but I don't think it shows the true gorgeousness of the color.....

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  2. Congrats on your first City! Love how veiny and distressed it looks!


  3. The bag looks cool.......like the backside appears to have multiple colors throughout......looks neet.......I like it.......congrats!!!
  4. Thank you! Mochiblure, I would think she would be the color of your gorgeous siamese's eyes.... siamese eye blue, yes, that's close..... Thanks Luxe Diva! I'm hooked....
  5. And, modeling shot in work bathroom.....

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  6. Veronika, the leather on your ciel is outstanding!! She was well well worth the wait:smile:
    I've not seen many agneau bags with such beautiful leather that your ciel has.
    Thank you very much for sharing and wear her in the best of health:smile:
  7. It is fabulous!! Congrats! But do not give up LV;)
  8. Thank you Pinkydream! How sweet of you to say that, and thanks Line c for keeping me in line....lol.... can't go over the edge and lose all my LV.... will just be good, save and add the B-bags.....:hs:
  9. Love the color on your city! Congrats!
  10. beautiful!! love the leather
  11. You're very welcome, sweetie:smile: Just came back to drool over her again, she's just so beautiful:biggrin:
  12. Thanks Seahorse and Dee83! Just got back from taking her to lunch where she sat pampered on my lap the whole time....lol... of course, I didn't eat, just stroked her.....
  13. Congrats :biggrin: Your happiness is infectious, hope you enjoy the bag for a very long time!
  14. awwww, thank you Hypnosis!:flowers:
  15. congrats