just a lil sumthin sumthin...

  1. Ok so some of you know my bubble ring broke so i took it into the dallas store to be repaired and came out with two goodies from LV! The much loved red bandeau and a bracelet!!! the SA made me try on a few BEAUTIFUL bags...omg the trevi is TDF!!! Def my next must have bag...my mom tottally made fun of me because i bought the gucci bag earlier and she was like no no lets look around and we can come back and i was tottally like NOO I WANT IT NOW (yes im 24, but im still a brat haha)....so when we saw the trevi she was like "i told you so" haha

    but thats fine i got a lottt of hot things...my complete list of goodies (at least what i remember haha) is:
    - Gucci handbag
    - Gucci crest silver necklace
    - Gucci money clip
    - LV bracelet
    - LV bandeau
    - Tiffany keychain
    - Tiffany twilly
    - Coach wallet
    - A LOT of clothes (bcbg, lacoste, zara etc etc)

    Enjoy! (btw detail pics of the gucci stuff are at
    http://forum.purseblog.com/gucci/ok-fine-im-spoiled-i-have-pics-prove-180046.html#post3823980 )
  2. Aww how cute is the bracelet !

    And I'm also a brat.. and the same age ! :graucho:
  3. Nice variety!!
    Did they tell you how long it would take for your ring to be repaired?
  4. oh and i just wanted to share my drawer of goodies ;) haha just looking at it makes me feel all warm and giddy inside hehe :smile:
  5. Thanks Ayla...dont u just love being bratty haha! i think its fun ;) hahaha

    and thanks lvbabydoll! yeah they said it will be done by wednesday! :smile: But of course they will mail it to me so im kind of excited to have it back buttttttt my dummmmy butt forgot my address in oklahoma so i had it sent to scottsdale and my brother will ship it to me hehe :smile:
  6. Hah lol. That's not too bad though, I was figuring it would take longer. I hope I won't have to take mine in.
  7. me too ;) haha i feel naked without mine! may you never have to feel naked as i do lol

    my mom was all excited, she was like maybe youll wear the diamond ring i bought you last month haha she thinks im SO weird because im addicted to LV jewlery but i hardly touch the "real" stuff!!
  8. loves it! many congrats!
  9. Nice haul! The bracelet is super cute!
  10. Love that Bandeau!
  11. I love your stuff, the trevi bag is awesome, def my next damier.
  12. i love the bracelet, so cute. congrats.
  13. You did some great damage! Congrats! I am glad to hear about your bubble ring!
  14. Oh gorgeous! I love them together, actually (And I'm a brat too ;))
  15. spreeing! Very nice purchases. I'm getting bandeau-enabled. Congrats!