Just a lil sumthin' sumthin' from LV

  1. Picked these up Monday. Finally got me a vernis piece. Not a very big piece, but atleast it's a pomme. Been going back and forth on it and decided to get it. These pieces are part of my anniversary/mother's day gifts. So stay tuned!:p

  2. Gorgeous, congrats!
  3. very nice. loce the phone charm
  4. cute!
  5. Ooooh oh so pretty, I love that phone charm (and the brooch version of it too)

    (300 posts woohoo, took long enough, I've been a member for ages lol)
  6. Cute! i'm buying myself a vernis cles soon!
  7. Love both, congratulations!
  8. Oooo very nice!
  9. Too cute!
    Love the phone charm.
  10. congrats!
  11. Yay! Lvoe the phone charm, too cute
  12. Congrats ... very cute:heart:
  13. I think I have to get that phone charm myself real soon. O.o It's so pretty!
  14. Now there's a nice start to Mother's day!
  15. yay soooooooo pretty! Love the LVoe charm! xx