Just a lil something....

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  1. Went into Hermes today because MrL tried Terre H'Hermes a few weeks ago and liked it so I wanted to get him some of that as part of the birthday present.

    Turns out the store finally got more of the A/W stock so I couldn't resist this beauty :heart: I took some time deciding between this colourway and the sage green but settled on black & gold as I thought it would be more suitable for the winter. Plus it folds and ties beautifully!


    Obviously I also bought the fragrance for boyfriend which he loves. It's his very first H item. Unfortunately for him I love the scent too so might have borrow it now and again :roflmfao:
  2. Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy.
  3. Gorgeous, congrats!
  4. Since this is a Faivre scarf, you now have to play "Find the Monkey". It's her trademark, she usually hides at least one in her scarves. Er, in this case, there's actually a few monkeys. Have fun and enjoy your new purchase.
  5. beautiful!!
  6. Thank you, ladies ;) I wanted this baby since A/W pictures were posted here so I was really pleased to finally see it in the flesh today.

    I already did a bit of monkey spotting although I'm sure I didn't find them all. Speaking of Faivre and her monkeys, are there any in scarves like RO and Grands Fonds too?
  7. What a gorgeous scarf Tooni! I love that colourway!!
  8. Oh, shoot, good question.:confused1: Anyone???
  9. Gorgeous scarf! :nuts:
  10. That scarf is just beautiful! Congratulations!
  11. This is breathtaking :drool: I really feel that this may be the most beautiful scarf, Hermes or otherwise, I have seen. I LOVE the intricate detail on it. Congrats to you!
  12. Beautiful!
  13. :drool::drool::drool:

    That is one of the most gorgeous scarves I have ever seen,
    Perfect color

  14. These scarves are such works of art...honestly -- I need to do something more with them lol!!! They are almost too pretty to simply wrap around our necks...
  15. Congratulations, Loony! What a gorgeous scarf!!

    In RO, her monkey is in the column to the left of the title (tho it looks more like a lion to me!! But I've been told it's a monkey, so what do I know? :p ):



    There isn't one in Grands Fonds (pls tell me where it is if I'm wrong!! :yes: )
    RO monkey1.jpg RO monkey2.jpg