Just A Holler Out - If Anyone Can Find Me....

  1. a Kooba Marcelle in Desert NWT I would be eternally grateful. If there's ever a group of women with radar such as myself, this is the place.
    What a fool I was to be so completely unmotivated as I was last night to get that one on eBay.... Must have been the tummy ache....:crybaby:
  2. I saw that Marcelle as well, we'll keep looking!;)
  3. I'll keep my eye out as well. I'm sure something will come up.
  4. You know one will turn up, they always do over time.

    Have faith.
  5. I was tempted to bid on that one on eBay myself. I even got the seller to agree to ship to the Uk, but in the end I decided that I already have a desert Scarlett, so I didnt really want another 'desert' bag...

    Hang in there. One will come along. :yes:
  6. Keep checking eBay. One will show up.
  7. I ended up buying that bag, Jchiara. It was beautiful and I had been looking for one forever in that color too. I'll post pics and let you know if she's as beautiful as she looked in the listing.
  8. I do a Kooba search on ebay a couple times daily, I'll keep you posted! :yes: