just a heads up if you didnt notice, legacy striped agenda back on coach site!

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! It WILL be mine. :yes:

    Ugh. I had the option this weekend to get the legacy stripe rug we used at the store during our 65th anniversary thing but I didn't get it. I'm wondering if I should have. It was only $50.
  2. Thanks. Saw that!:yes:
    I have a feeling it won't be there for long...it never is!:nogood:
  3. haha i kno :smile:
  4. I saw that! I ordered one. Bad girl, Bad girl!
  5. IF I didn't use a PDA it would be MINE!!
  6. I saw that!!
  7. Yeah, I can't figure out what I would use it for... I have an Ipaq Smartphone...
  8. i want that soooo bad :sad:
    can't afford it right now though. Oh well I guess if it's meant to be, I'll see it again.
  9. I have to say, I feel pretty bad for the people who spent hundreds of dollars over retail for the Legacy Striped items on eBay. Most of the stuff they bought either has been, or is being, reissued by Coach.
  10. Earlier this morning, they had a legacy striped Ipod case listed. Now I can't find it?
  11. i feel bad for them too!!! i wanted one so bad (now not so much cause ive decided its just really not necessary i have a planner and its a lot of $)

    But i kept eyeing them and the coin purses and all on ebay but they were going for so much it seemed silly and i knew they were planning to open legacy stores, and the legacy line is SO popular

    i had faith it would all come back
    and i think it is :smile: yay
  12. Bah! I wanted it a few months ago SO BAD but now that it's available I don't think I need it really. Now that it's no longer forbidden fruit I don't want to taste it!
  13. How long do you think this will stay listed on the site?
  14. I was thinking the same! Somebody's pounding sand!
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