Just a gripe

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  1. I have been using ebay for almost 10 years and I have learned to accept that it is not a perfect situation. I know that there will be negatives left for certain reasons whether legitimate or riduculous and there is little chance to get them removed. Not all customers can be pleased. With that being said I am still annoyed about a transaction that I had recently. It was for an item going to Turkey. I have been sending international items for many years and for the most part have gone smoothly and will not let this one problem deter me from continuing.

    timeline of events:

    1/4 Sold an item BIN to a buyer in Turkey
    1/5 receive this message before I go to bed from buyer "hi , I am so sorry but we did not calculated the freight costs to Turkey . It seems it is to high. How can we cancel this purchase? Can you help us? thank you ,best regards" This was BIN so they had a lot of time to look at everything including shipping before committing so to me this email is frustrating. I decide to wait until the morning to reply
    1/6 when I wake up the buyers sends me another message and payment is received " Hi ,When can you ship the shoes?As it will be a gift to my knees please do not forget to send it in its box.thanks," Problem solved in terms of them paying
    1/6 I send the item
    1/15 message "hi,i have still not received the parcel, can u please give me the tracking number?regards," ( Now I use Interapptive shipworks and it does not send emails automatically with tracking information. I usually try to send them to international buyers automatically since they take a while to get delivered. In the US transit is fast and I ship everyday so I do not send tracking info domestically.) I send them the tracking info and it states that the item was in Istanbul on the 13th. I tell them I can not control Turkish customs that maybe they should contact them to find out info.
    1/16-18th get an email every day asking about where item is and I reply the same thing that it is apparantly stuck in Turkish Customs
    1/18 They open a case with ebay which I immediately provide the tracking information to
    1/22 Buyer escalates case to ebay customer support
    1/25 Ebay closes case in my favor
    1/30 Receive negative feedback saying item took 24 days to arrive after payment and I reply that I am sorry about that but I can not control Turkish customs, I also contact ebay to see if it can be removed due to the fact that ebay sided me about that same issue. I am told that it can not be removed sue to the fact that they are simply stating a fact.

    I know I should not let it get to me too much and their DSRs are not counted against me but it still stinks that I did all that I could and still given a negative. But I guess it is a risk I take for sending overseas.

    Thanks for reading everything and as I said before I am not here looking for sympathy just needed to vent my frustrations.
  2. Damn. It really irks me when int'l buyers can't understand that sellers can't control customs or postal carriers. :rolleyes: I'm sorry you had to suffer a negative score after everything you did. 24 days is, admittedly, a long time, but it was obviously not your fault, and it certainly didn't warrant a message every day for that long a time.
  3. Sigh....this is why I don't sell outside the U.S. I know it doesn't count on your DSRs, but anybody who reads your FB will see a neg. And newbies might not realize what's going on with shipping overseas and customs, etc. I know people overseas want this stuff since they can't get it there, but I have enough agita in my life with, well, my life, to add to it.

    Sorry you had to get a neg for something that was NOT your fault.
  4. Some people are just plain stupid, I think. How are they not aware that things have to go through customs? Impossible! And then to have the front to leave you negative feedback? WTF springs to mind.
  5. That's utterly ridiculous. As they said in the help page, eBay should remove a negative feedback that refers to customs delays.
  6. Ugh, it's idiots like this that ruin it for the international buyers, cos it puts sellers off
  7. The worst thing is the last update from USPS tracking was: Your item arrived in TURKEY at 4:53 PM on January 13, 2010. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

    For all I know the item was in their hands shortly after this tried to take advantage and contacted eBay hoping to get a refund or something. I hate USPS sometimes, buyers see no updates even when they have their stuff and try to get a refund claiming non delivery.
  8. I think in the future, just write "I don't control customs!!!" in caps. I've had to do that many many times. :x