Just A Funny Story

  1. So when I went into Marc Jacobs to buy my boots, all the salesgirl hovered around my Birkin. They asked to touch it and hold it. (I said yes, but don't think for a minute I wasn't cringing on the inside). I suppose because I'm young they thought I was approachable. Anyway, we talked about the bag and of course the price question came up. I kind of just nodded at their guesstimates. Also, I was wearing my thin Collier de Chien belt in Marron Fonce box leather with gold hardware over a Chloe sweater and a black skirt. I felt like a powerhouse fashionista that day. I think it was the belt mixed with the attention Ms. B was getting. That, and I was buying new boots (what girl doesn't feel powerhouse buying new shoes?)

    Share stories of how Hermes has affected your shopping days! I want to know if any of you get attention, harassed, better service, delusions of grandeur, etc. My belt/Birkin combo was just..I don't know! I mean, my other designer clothes are nice & gets compliments but WOW, Hermes just sort of works it, you know?
  2. :lol: ^^^^lol, you cracked me up! I wore my new gold Birkin last week and somebody asked me if I got it at this store down the street. (the store down the street was a greeting card store :shocked: and had these huge 50cm, Birkin fakes , like beach bags things,:lol: ....I said "no":roflmfao: , I honestly had to laugh!...still giggling...so Canadian, eh???
    In the same afternoon, I then met DH at a Bistro where apparantly HE saw 2 ladies eyes pop out!!!:drool: :shame: :lol: ...I really don't think many Canadians here recognize Hermes or know what it even is!:lol:
  3. Weirdly, its hit or miss. Some days I get impeccable service, some days I get obvious rubbernecking. I usually go shopping with my DH and he usually points out the chicks that do that. I usually ignore it/completely oblivious to most of that.
    If I don't know the person, or if I don't trust them I don't offer my bag up.

    But this weekend at the meeting Diana and Villy handled it! I have no problem with that cause I know they'd appreciate it rather than be terrified that someone that I do not know will sabotage or accidentally ink/pen mark/mar it.

    I usually pair my bag with a H clic clac or the pink alphabet enamel bracelet. :smile:
    I haven't bought a belt yet (I still use the one I've had for 7 years...not a high list on my priorities).
  4. Do you live east or west coast?
  5. I know my answer will be unfair because I'm as old as a dinosaur! So, when I enter a boutique or about anywhere, people assume the gray hair and wrinkles can afford anything....

    Not true....but this assumption helps along with the appearance that I am there to purchase. And I am always very aware of the SAs, with families, making a living too....and treat everyone kindly....

    Unless an SA has some personal issue of his/her own that she would throw at an unsuspecting victim/customer on a particular day, I always get great service.

    I did feel extra gorgeous:cutesy: tho on my last shopping trip when I wore my new Barenia belt ( in the pic below ) over my black sweater and carried my Rouge H clemence Kelly.... and wore my H perfume ( couldn't see it but I knew it was there!) Confidence goes a long way which is tied to knowing who you are and where you are....going into Hermes is always FUN so I approach it with a smile ( more like a grin because I'm a clown at heart!)
  6. When I carry a black box anything it seems to get attention. Well, one day I walked into the store with my black box Birkin and a Japanese tourist just kept staring. She didn't speak English but signalled that she would like to try it on for size. I nodded my head. She picked up my bag.......................but I forgot to tell her I was carrying about 25 pounds of stuff in my bag. When She picked my back off the counter I thought she was going to dislocate her shoulder!!!!!!!:wtf:
  7. what a fun thread!:flowers:
    In an upscale mall the other day, I was wearing Kelly, (gold togo 28), with jeans, navy tee/white cami, navy cable cashmere cropped cardigan, gold togo, button belt, no jewelry 'cept my gold wedding ring.
    My husband observed shoppers staring at my bag then at me with distaste!!!
    I saw a bit too but I need to concentrate on where I am going or else I will walk into a wall, trip or bump into something!!!
    I feel sad for these women in a way.
    okay, I have whined enuf:roflmfao:
    :heart: :heart: :heart: H E R M E S.:heart: :heart: :heart: ....The craftmanship, the scent, the stitching...OH MY!!!!!
  8. HG,
    your stories lift me high!!!! you sleigh me!!!
    you are funny too!!
    It is grand not taking yourself seriously, isnt it?
    angie (fellow dinosaur with silver hair under my color)
  9. I must be the only person who carries her Hermes bag and never gets stared at like everyone else.

    I can only think of remotely one time I had my bag at a Thai restaurant. I saw an older woman staring at it while she was dining, but she gave me that snub kind of look. (that made me mumble something to myself that wasn't the kindest...shame on me)

    Later, as I was about to leave the establishment about three staff members that worked the counter/welcome area kept smiling. They spoke loudly and told me I looked lovely and they mentioned my dress. Silly me...I thought they were going to say my Kelly. No one ever says anything to me about my bags! Maybe it is just me...I am looking like an old bag!!!
  10. oh honey, never you mind...
    as long as you know you are ravishing inside!!!!
    that is all that matters!!!!!
  11. Kellybag, seldom does anyone seem to notice my H pieces around here. But, let me wear my LV French Co Speedy and it gets lots of attention. I guess it depends on what you're familiar with and LV has such a high profile, I feel.

    Now, when I met up with friends at the Hermes boutiques ( out of our area ) a few weeks ago, THAT was a different story! We all saw every little detail/piece we each were wearing....and that was so much fun!

    arcangel, I, too, dye my hair when I'm in the mood so that sometimes I'm blonde, sometimes I'm gray with blond tips ( growing out ) and sometimes I'm gray all over.

    It's nice to have choices and as long as my Hermes bags are not showing their gray roots, everything is fine!! *grin*

    Kellybag, you sound like a lovely person and not an old bag....but, if you ever feel that way, just think....older HERMES bags are Lovely Vintage! Yes, THAT'S what I am, too! Lovely Vintage!!
  12. This is going to be another FUN THREAD...Thanks, Croissant! for starting it.

    When I carry my HAC bag, I get attention at the nice mall I'm going to. It just pops, and believe me, I'm neatly dressed, but only in jeans, and three kids in tow. I feel very special when I wear anything Hermes.:yes:

    Anyways, I had just taken a picture of my HAC for all of you to admire when I bought it and HUBBY had just downloaded some picture of our family including MS. HAC onto the computer to printout at the store. He was taking his Beamer into have serviced. He saw a nice looking women he struck up a conversation with and they started talking about each other. He brought up he had pictures of his kids....he was on his computer and starts showing her pictures when MS. HAC pops up on the screen. YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAYS..."THAT'S AN HERMES!!":nuts: . He said she had more interest in the bag then the pictures. I think it made him feel really good that he bought her for ME!!:heart:
  13. SUSI....I love, love, love that belt! Please, what is it called so I can find it!!!!!! Do you mind me asking how much it was and when you got it???? I must find one....it's perfect!!!! Thank you......
  14. Ooopss...Sorry guys I got off topic there for a minute! The belt really threw me.....

    As a fellow dino (very, very grey under my brown highlighted hair) I can tell you I never get noticed EVER except when I carry Croc Kelly or Toile/Box combo Kelly. And then they just notice my bag!!! ;)
  15. I've had 2 different men jerk their wives arms and actually point to my bag and ask "is that real?". This was at an outdoor art fair in Beverly Hills off Rodeo Drive. My husband almost dropped our baby he was laughing so hard. Where we live people definitely notice it but never say anything. Sometimes the looks are nasty and sometimes they are appreciative. It makes me very conscious of my own reaction. I now specifically will smile at someone if I like something they have on and am caught staring. Why can't women be complimentary to one another??

    On the retail end of things, my husband asks that I bring the Birkin if we are shopping together because he says we get instant service. He feels the Birkin has this over on Kelly. But that is just his opinion.

    I've never had a scarf, watch, or accessory noticed though. I think most people just recognize the big items, Birkin & Kelly.