Just a funny story....r/o

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  1. Today I went to this little Fashion Store to pick up some tank tops to work out in. It's one of those little stores owned by Koreans, so they had knock offs:smile: I went to the register and the girl ringing me up starting going off in her language then 2 of her Korean employees ran to my purse I was carrying. Before even thinking I looked up & saw behind the cashier was a fake Spy...I turned to the 2 girls and said, "Mine is real!!!" They smiled and said in english, "we know." The younger gal was like, "Can I touch it? How much?" I told her it was a little over 2 grand and for her to work hard and save her money so she can buy it. They all laughed and I left the store.:P I love my bag!!
  2. I love that when it happens! ;) Makes me feel cool everytime too!
  3. :lol: cute.
  4. :biggrin: that is cute!
  5. lol..........
  6. Haha.. I especially liked the part when they were like "can we touch it?", it's like your purse is a holy object !
  7. The "can we touch it part" is hysterical. I had the same thing happen to me when I bought my Marc Jacobs Stella bag a few years ago. Everyone wanted to touch, and I kid you not, smell the bag. :lol:
  8. lol
    i stopped by a store today because i saw some fall/winter spys through the window and they said they ordered some more and they'd call me as soon as they arrive. no waitlist, no nothing. i am so tempted to buy one, but my mom would kill me. anyone know the exact price for a medium black leather spy?
  9. Haven't you ever seen that episode of Sex and the City when Samantha and Carrie go to buy fake Fendis out of the back of a car ? And Carrie was smelling them !

    There is something different about the smell though.. it's the smell of luxury. :smile: