Just a funny little story

  1. My DH bought me a new car: a Honda Pilot, which is still compact but can accomodate 7-8 people and also has a DVD in it (great for the kids).... well when I was going to get my mom&grandmom in december last year and resp, going to go the TPF meeting the next day... (my DH was in a boardmeeting). So off I went ... 2 kids and a cat.... I was sort of on time... so I decided to have a little break... to buy some candy and have a restroom break... all stressed I tried to get everyone back in to their seats..... NOW where are my car keys?

    Uhm looking around. I finally located them... they fell between the seat and the middle thing.... UNABLE to get them. Seriously I have little hands and little polse. I urged my DS to get them.... no luck... NOW what? my family is waiting for me.. I spot a 'bob the builder' figure, I go to him tell my story... he and his friend gets all the equipment.... it took them about half an hour BUT YES.... I hugged them I was soooo happy...

    I was just in time..... as I also didn't understand the parking situation at dulles as it turned out I parked at the Daily instead of the Hourly .... we ran our whatever offff. but we made it:smile:

    oh and did I mention when we wanted to get out... I lost my ticket... arghhh
  2. Glad Bob & his friend were able to help you. I've had that happen with things going into the pit by the seat. I end up moving the seat all the way forward and all the way back to see if I can get to them somehow, since there's no Bob in my car to help me (soon enough, though.:smile:)

    Do they still have valet parking at Dulles? That's what I used to use when I lived in DC. It was soooo handy.
  3. H and H tell DH you need a driver!
    Or get a Hermes key fobby thing that is huge so you can't lose it.
    At least you got there all in one piece and no one was injured!
    Your safety is the most important...okay I need to stop sounding like a mom,
    let me slap myself~!
  4. I don't know I have been there numerous time but with Carey... so now I had to do it on my own... the first time around I came in and somehow I came out too:confused1:. So the second time I parked I soon as I saw parking :smile:
  5. H&H, glad you can now see the funny side, and it all turned out alright in the end..
    This sounds like a typical day for me!!! I tell you my DH gets soo mad at me for doing such silly things.
  6. You are sweet :heart: DH was worried I only have my drivers license since a year (In Holland you really don't need one), it was quite an adventure... The key was impossible to get out it was half under the seat but you couldn't get there as it was closed so you had to come in. The Bob the builders made sort of a hook and were then able to fish it out....:smile: I was soooo happy to see my family and we got pampered in the hotel and the most fun part was that next day I was picked up by Hummingbird to meet tpf gals at Hermes :smile:
  7. thanks :smile: Here the same DH always has everything in order and planned and for some reason with me things always go different.
  8. Oooh, I like the idea of a driver.:yes: I have a friend who one day was asking what my dream car would be if money were no object, and I was like, "Forget the car, I'd get a driver."

    H&H, I checked online, and Dulles does still have the valet. It's kind of right in the middle, within hourly parking. It is so convenient. I hate that airport overall, but I still miss the valet parking there. There's some info on it in this link: http://www.mwaa.com/dulles/parking_transportation_3/parking/parking_rates_iad
  9. H&H you sound just like me! I am forever dropping my slim cell phone in the side area between seat and console and always panic and end up with ripped nails. I think that for me I am more clumsy after the second baby. I swear that motherhood has contributed to my lapses of memory (losing keys, parking stubs, etc.). Especially when one is rushing around and trying to strap little squirmy bodies into car seats while handing them everything they *think* they need for a 2 minute ride.

    You are in good company here. Hang in there.

    Valets are great but I've had so many of them tap their feet and sigh at me whilst I am unstrapping each child and getting all the gear. Wish they were a bit more patient.
  11. Uhmmm. the thing is when I travel with DH everyone knows him and goes around like he is the king... but when I go alone... well... they are like who are you... I guess some day he needs to get used to that too :smile:

    It's a relief I'm not the only clumsy person :smile:
  12. Pampering sounds luxurious...
    Did anyone take pictures of the H meetup? :smile:

  13. What a day! H&H hope you had a nice glass of wine afterward!

    I like both of Elizabeth's suggestions. Hermes would be the cheaper option in this case. I love any excuse to buy Hermes!