Just a fun little question?

  1. Hello again,
    I just got done painting my finger nails. The reason behind it, I think that apple red finger nails look so nice next to brown monogram<--In anticapation of my Neverfull!! So it got me wondering, what colors do you think goes with your bags?? And does you bag "influence" your mani/pedi color?
  2. lol my nails are always natural - too lazy to do anything :p
  3. Normally I am too..:roflmfao:
  4. My nails are whatever colours I like. Unfortunately I don't have time to match my nails with my bags :p I like wearing pink...and right now mine are coral pink with a blue sheen. Most of the time I wear sparkly pink or neutral pink polish, which looks okay against Damier/mono :s
  5. I paint my toe nails with colors but for the most part I keep my nails neutral - typically a french manicure.
  6. I usually stick to a clear nail varnish. I find that when I paint my nails a nice colour I'll be wearing something the next day that clashes! So it's either black/white or clear! :smile:
  7. I am a French kinda girl and that goes with everything.
  8. Exactly.. French manis all the way ! :yes:
  9. I tend to go with what I think I will be wearing the two weeks befor I have to go for my fill. And well if it matches my cloths then they look good with my bags as well. Fun question :tup:
  10. All natural on my nails. If I get my toes done, it depends on my mood.
  11. another french mani fanatic here :smile:
  12. I love french manicure/pedicure but I'm too lazy to do it all the time!!! So I just leave my nails as they are. Natural.

    I think french looks great with everything.
  13. French for both a manicure and pedicure... matches everything you wear.
  14. My toenails are red right now, but my fingernails are always natural. I don't get my nails done anymore. Can't stand the chemicals. Those days are long gone. I just keep them short and cleaned.
  15. I love French manicure too. :yes: Besides that, I usually stick to other neutral colors, mainly nude/pinkish shade.