Just a friendly reminder to my fellow monogram lovers...

  1. Don't make my mistake....and wear a brand new never been washed black hoodie with a brand new no patina yet monogram canvas w/ vachetta style.

    I came home today to find the straps on my bat. vertical have a mark on them in two places on the strap that faces outside(I wear it so the buckles show on the outside). *huge sigh*

    And to think I was only afraid of a little patina or a random rain spot, oh well, leason learned. I'd read about the dark denim thing here time and again, and yes even though I wear dark denim jean skirts, my bag wasn't anywhere near my skirt, the balck hoodie is the culprit here.

    Just wanted to give you all another reminder. Yet just another reason to get a red epi bag after all, had I had one I would have worn it bec. my intention in getting the red epi was for when I wear black. My 'bad' hoodie is in the wash now as I type, but I hesitate to use a mono bag that has yet to patina w/ dark fabric tops again. Peace-out!
  2. Oh no, have you tried baby wipes? It might darken the vachetta but hopefully get the stains out.
  3. sorry to hear of the mishap. hope there's a way to treat it and to lessen the black markings. thanks for sharing.
  4. :sad: aWW sorry! When it patinas it will even out!
  5. Oh, sorry, hope you can sort it. Good luck!
  6. Thanks guys for your sympathy. It's the type of mark where you have to stare hard to see it. I tried a baby wipe on the inside strap mark and nothing, then I tried the eraser, a regular pencil eraser type, but white and not much improvement. Patina will fix it, but of course I don't like patina, lol, and was trying to delay the process. I'll get over it eventually, but today I mourn the virgin beauty lost...
  7. On some level I probably deserve it, I am such a vain show off, that it's cold here today in NY, but I was wearing a cute outfit, the dkny hoodie looked so great w/ my skirt and black boots. I didn't want to put a coat on to cover up my outfit, and my vanity made me ruin my bag. However, it would have happened eventually, I have 2 black hoodies, this dkny one and a j & company skulls one, okeydoke, kids need me, just wanted to give this shout out.
  8. Oh no i am so sorry to here that.
  9. Oh vanity, it will get us all in the end...heehee... I bet you looked hot! Not to worry, we'll all be aging and getting patina eventually, just like our bags! Enjoy being beautiful and your beautiful bag and hoodie, sorry about the bad mark! I have a new black hoodie and am not about to wash it yet, have only worn it with my black MC Lodge though and she's gotta nice patina, so no probs, but thanks for the heads up!
  10. So then it's safe to wear black again when the bag patinas? Dumb question but what exactly, I mean how dark exactly is a patina? And I only wear my bags outside for like 5-10 min. as I walk in and out of places, so will this thing ever patina? I could just keep it out of the dustbag I suppose.

    Veronika, do you have a pic of your black mc lodge so I can see what a safe patina color looks like? Or can someone post what that patina shade is when I can wear my bag worry free w/ certain tops. and thanks V, for the compliment, I try, lol.
  11. OMG, gross confessional here, I should be a detective, a bag mystery detective! I just tried on the bag again and figured out exactly what happened, it's a bit gross though and a wee bit embarrassing. I was wondering why the entire strap wasn't black or marked, and then I put on the bag and noted exactly where it was marked? Any guesses....?

    It was marked on the inside part of the strap and the outside part of the strap that touches where my ARMPIT is, and combine a black hoodie w/ an itty bit of armpit persperation(tmi) and you get a mark on brand spanking new vachetta. ok, so as long as I don't sweat or push my strap so close to my armpits I should be safe. ok, baby is reaching for my bag and I don't need any more bag problems today, lol.
  12. Had the same issue with my winter coat. It did that with my lockit -H:cursing:

    So i've then put the bag in the sun and i've been letting it tan :biggrin:

  13. aww I am so sorry that happened to you. :crybaby: Thank you for sharing your story with us though..I wear a lot of black, sweat a lot, and am purchasing a BH in a couple weeks. Now I know to be careful..thanks again for the advice and I hope the marks even out nicely w/ a little patina.
  14. thanks for sharing!
    I hope your vachetta evens up!
  15. The same things happened to me just days after I started using my new speedy last year. I was heartbroken for like a week and then I realized that it was bound to happen eventually. It's really hard for me to baby my bags because I'm usually not thinking about what I'm wearing/color transfer, oils from my hands when I'm handling my stuff. Thanks for reminding all of us though...I wonder if the Azur speedy I'm about to purchase will get super dirty....hmm.