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  1. Hey guys,
    we seem to have a bad problem in this sub-forum w/ people buying and selling using tPF as a vehicle.
    It's not permitted.
    I can't count the times I've posted this in here in threads about this, but I keep reading little blurbs thanking another member, winking, outright admitting . . . :blink:
    please be respectful of Megs and Vlad, they closed the Marketplace and put a no sales, buys or trades rule into effect.
    Talking about buying from each other is sort of rubbing it in their face and is unfair to everyone else who has chosen to respect the rule.

    Believe me, there are A LOT of people noticing this, I get PM's about it every day.:yes:

    Thanks, I appreciate it! :flowers:
  2. ^ even if its through ebay..we cant talk about it on here? just wondering.
  3. ^ that's what I was just going to ask.... if it's listed on Ebay, it's okay, right?
  4. almost all the authentic balenciaga bags on eBay are from PF members... so i dont know how there is any way to have no discussion about them, in fact i think that it is ridiculous. if no one talked about their purchases we'd have nothing to talk about. half the fun is in the hunt and then the discussion of the hunt!! i mean, come on! and btw the loss of the marketplace has forced all PF members to use eBay to buy bags and really increased our risk of purchasing a fraudulent bags... a wink here or there isnt killing anyone... no one is publicly selling their bags here, so dont worry - you won.

    and besides this- isnt there a new sub-forum opening for PF members to list their eBay auctions?
  5. No one said you couldn't talk about the Balenciagas that are up for auction on eBay. However, there are to be no transactions directly through the forum.
  6. okay! LOL!:lol:
    Please don't try to twist anything I said. . . I wrote what I meant, no selling, buying or trading HERE, also no posting your eBay auctions here or in PM.

    Nowhere did I say that you guys can't discuss eBay purchases.

    There's no new rules, just reminding y'all of the one that seems to be getting blurry.;)
    Also, Vlad and Megs have been talking for a while of a new Marketplace system. . . it's not in place yet. So until it is, this was the rule they made.
    And by the way, I haven't "won" anything.:blink:
  7. like swanky said, please don't twist this around. you're more than welcome to talk about auctions you've won or bags that you see on ebay, members just aren't allowed to promote their own ebay auctions or sell their bags directly through the forum. we WANT you to discuss the hunt, etc. that's what this is here for. members are more than welcome to participate in each others' ebay auctions, even, they just can't be advertised through the forum and the transactions have to take place elsewhere. that's all we ask, and it seems to me to be a fairly simple request.

    more importantly, don't act like the marketplace is your right, because it's not. megs and vlad tried to do a nice thing for us, and some members abused the privilege, so it had to be taken away in order to cover their asses from a legal standpoint - people wanted to hold them or the mods accountable for transactions gone sour, or at least have us mediate it, and that's not our job, which is why the marketplace no longer exists. a sense of entitlement will get you absolutely nowhere. additionally, we've already explained this, so i don't know what the issue is.
  8. see now i feel attacked. especially since i wasnt being purposefully argumentative... I was just stating an opinion and my gut reaction... I dont feel that I deserve to have my words twisted around either. My tone was not intended to be malicious.

  9. I have a question.. not to stir up stuff or anything but I geniunely am a bit unclear about one thing..

    If offers/transactions/all discussions took place via emails, NOT pm's nor thru posts here (so, everything was done completely outside the forum), will it be still ok to mention in our posts that we got the bag from another member? Like for example, we post that we just got this particular bag, and someone asks where we got it, can we say we got it from memberX? Or if memberX posts a congrats reply, can we say "thankyou" to her or give a winky smiley? Would that be deemed breaking the rules as well?

    So, in essence, what I'm saying is.. we haven't bought or sold or solicitated anything here.. but just saying who we bought it from when someone asks. Is that alright? If I've confused anyone, just let me know, lol!

  10. I agree, the same question from my side. Thanks.
  11. i'm sorry you feel attacked, but i fail to see how we twisted around your words. we've addressed this issue repeatedly, and it's getting a little exasperating. i tried to answer exactly the issues you brought up as best i could.
  12. it's fine to purchase bags from other members, because that's definately going to happen, particularly in the balenciaga forum. a good chunk of the real bags on ebay are sold by our members. the bag just can't be advertised, negotiated, or actually purchased through the forum, because of legal issues for megs and vlad. take it to email or ebay and we don't have any problem with it.
  13. Thanks Amanda!
  14. you're welcome :flowers:
  15. It is obviously kind of disappointing to have the market place cancelled but I fully understand:
    -a- it could lead to unwanted side effects because of its success : dodgy people might join and get the benefits of this "sorority" to sell fake bags (despite the incredible level of trust and reliability of the members generally observed)
    - b- We can not possibly encourage or ask for a market place when it is likely to get the moderators into legal trouble. period.

    Too bad, but I guess it would be nice for all of us to understand what is potentially harmful to the moderators and what is OK. I had no idea Pm'ing was not permitted, for example, and that we are supposed to use our own personal email addresses if we want to discuss any sale.

    :flowers: :flowers::flowers: there, to all of you Ladies, a bunch of flowers!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers: