Just a few questions about Azur.

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  1. To all you Azur fans, are your bags holding up well (for those of you that have dared to carry them yet:P ). Is anybody having problems with dirt on the canvas etc? Its just that I am thinking of purchasing some Azur, as I think regular damier is too masculine, but would like a change from MC. I know that this line is permanent, so does anybody know whether LV is going to make any more pieces in Azur, as the range at the moment is rather limited. TIA
  2. Yes, I'm going to make one HUGE purchase at the end of January, all Azur pieces. I'm begging to save my money, hopefully 4-5 hundred a week. I do think that the Damier is a bit too masculine too. I think it'll catch dirt pretty easy, because it's all white. I saw in a thread here that someone's pochette had some dirt marking on it from just a day at the mall. I can't remember who posted it though.

  3. Here's that posting:

  4. I've just read that thread and it's really put me off getting Azur:sad: . But I really want some!
  5. I've got the Saleya MM and so far, I am looking it over right now, no marks anywhere. It's holding up very well. I don't exactly baby it - but I try to be careful. I am more concerned about the vachetta than the canvas. Really, the canvas is no different than the white MC, right? As far as the vachetta, that's no different than any other bags.

    I am still 100% loving the Azur. I would really like to add an azur pochette, it's so rich and classy and understated. I hope you go for it!

    As far as adding more pieces in Azur, I have no idea. I'm not an LV junkie like some on this forum - they'd probably have a better idea!
  6. ITA, it should be fine...I only have a mini pouchette, but no problems so far...seems quite fine to me.
  7. On your Saleya, is the bottom vachetta, or is it just canvas? I don't have the benefit like most who live close to boutiques, I can only go off of the pics on Elux and the Vuitton website.:crybaby:
  8. i haven't taken the pochette out of the box yet since i got it...

    i've used the cles often, and had no issues with dirt getting on it, but it's back in the box now as well.
  9. All canvas on the bottom. There is piping around the edge, which I suppose is vachetta as it's the same color. This is the area that I figured would get the dirtiest as it gets the most abuse... but still pristine. Even survived a bottle of formula explosion right next to it 2 weeks ago. Even the vachetta is perfect still.

    I think, unlike the white MC (of which I have none, so correct me if I'm wrong), this canvas might be a little hardier, because it isn't PURE white. First of all, it's cream, and secondly, it's got darker cream specks in it... do you know what I mean? Just like the "grey" squares are just dark purple/blue lines, there are lines of darker cream inside the cream squares. So it's like tone-on-tone. Not sure if I'm explaining that very well...But I think that it might "hide" dirt a little better.
  10. I love my speedy! I've used it quite often throughout the month. Haven't gotten dirty yet, handles darkening a little. I also hope they make more styles I love this line!
  11. I have the Azur Speedy 30..and have used it daily now for a couple of weeks. I've not had any trouble with color transfer and as far as it getting dirty...I haven't had any problem with that either. I did notice a small spot the other day..not sure what it was..but it wiped off with a damp cloth.

    I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with this bag. I'm saving for the cles and wallet..and hopefully can some day get the keepalls.
  12. That's good to hear, I was kinda scared since it's all white and I thought it might have a vachetta bottom which would be a double whammy :Push: Good thing it has a canvas bottom. Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it!:yes: I can't wait to buy some Azur!:wlae:
  13. My husband bought me the azur speedy 30 as a gift. I've only carried a few times, but it seems to be pretty durable. I absolutely love the look of the azur keepalls. I really wanted the saleya pm in the azur, but when your husband buys you an lv for a gift, you just don't complain!
  14. It sems that most people are quite happy with it. Has anybody got any horror stories to tell yet?
  15. Amen to that sister! :yes: I love it when the hubby suprises me just because! :heart: Great!!