~~~ Just A Few More SWEETPURPLE ... and an Itty-Bitty Red ~~~

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  1. I know you guys are probably getting tired of all my Purple addiction ... but just had to share once again what Sweet Hubby:love: got me for St. Valentine's Day.

    Ladies and Gents ... may I introduce Ms. Montaigne GM in Cassis of course! :yahoo:

    ... and more coming up ...
    Val01 -1.jpg Val02 -2.jpg Val03 -3.jpg Val04 -4.jpg Val05 -5.jpg
  2. The interior and back open pocket of Ms Montaigne GM ...
    Val06 -1.jpg Val07 -2.jpg Val08 -3.jpg
  3. Congrats on your new lovely bag! :girlsigh:

    And what a sweet DH you have!
  4. And Ms. Montaigne GM's little sister ... Ms. Montaigne Clutch:love: and her friend Zippy Coin Purse in Cassis:heart:
    Val09 -1.jpg Val10 -2.jpg Val11 - 3.jpg Val12 - 4.jpg Val13 -5.jpg
  5. I love the contrast! The colors are so pretty together.
  6. it's a very pretty purple prize :smile: congrats!
  7. And Hubby:love: also thought my Valentine's collection wouldn't be complete without the Vernis Violette Cosmetique. I also love the bandeaus he picked out (helped by our SA of course) ~ Marguerite Bandeau in Noir and Monogram Pop Bandeau in Violette:yahoo:
    Val14 -1.jpg Val15 -2.jpg Val16 - 3.jpg Val017 - 4.jpg Val18 - 5.jpg
  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! LOVE your purchases.Congrats! :love:
  9. Finally ... how can it be Valentines Day without something RED right?

    Presenting my Vernis Heart in Pomme:heart:

    And last pic is group shot of my new babies!:love:

    I may be satisfied for a little while ... until they come out with more Cassis and Violette:graucho:

    As always, thanks for sharing my happiness with you guys!:flowers:
    Val19 - 1.jpg Val20 - 2.jpg Val21 - 3.jpg
  10. Wow!!! You made out like a bandit!! Your DH knows how to shop, CONGRATS!!!
  11. Love everything!! Congrats!
  12. Congrats on all your wonderful goodies!!!!!!!!!

    The purple items are so amazing; really takes my breath away! :drool:
  13. Congrats!
  14. ur the luckiest person i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Of course we are not tired of seeing your wonderful additions in purple. Everything is beautiful. Hope you really enjoy!!!
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