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  1. Hii everybody, this is one of my first post in the LV forum, I'm Paula and I am from Spain.

    I'm going to buy my second LV (my first was stolen in summer:cursing::rant::mad:) and this time I want a Speedy but I don't know if the 35 or 30. I don't know if the 35 is too big or no.

    The problem is where I live there is no LV store, so I have two options:

    -Wait till March I'm going on holidays and buy it there
    -I talked with the Madrid LV store and they can send it to me but I have to pay an extra money for UPS.

    I already have the money, and I also want a bandeau and few more things, so what will you guys do??Wait two months, save more and buy more LV things when I travel or just order it now?!
  2. Wait two months, save more and buy more LV things when travelling.Good luck!:smile:
  3. thanks for the reply pchan2802

    Well I wrote that because my birthday is on Sunday and I want to gift me something for my 24's bday LOL and I still don't know what I can buy for myself
  4. I would wait two more months.
    And I suggest the Speedy 30!
  5. I would wait for several reasons. One, you can save up more, so you'll be able to buy more :graucho: Two, your purchases will be extra special, because they'll remind you of your holiday. Three, you'll be able to try all the bags you like in person and choose the best one.
    Two months seems long, but it will be March sooner than you think! Plus, you can browse the forum and the LV website some more to make a list of all the things you want to see and try :smile:
    For the size: I'm 160cm and have the damier speedy 30 and the mono 35. Both suit me, but I prefer the 35 for now because I like big bags.
    Good luck!
  6. I would wait and go to the store :smile:

    I'm sorry for your last bag... :sad:
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    thank you Mikatee, I like your picture

    And thanks too *bunny*LV*, I am 1,65cm tall but I love too big bags, since....ever.
    Oo ya, if I wait I will be able to try the bags and then choose, but two months...they will pass super slow, it seems so long. And haha I'm already making a list of things I want to buy when I will be there, because where I live we have a small store that sells brands as Gucci, BV, Prada...and they have few things because nobody in the town wear real things, but they don't sell LV :sad:

    I can't wait for the trip and I really hope they still have some bags from the roses collection

    Thank you Zucnarf, after they stole me I denunce them and the police did nothing, I only got back my Lamarthe coin purse but they police didn't want to give it to me because it has some keys inside that weren't mine and that was stupid because this was the only Lamarthe wallet they sold in my city and I had the serial number