Just a cute little story

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  1. I knew you guys would appreciate this story.

    intro: We have 3 dogs - a pom and 2 lab x's. We live on an acreage and during the day the labs play in our woods and sometimes they also go over to the farmer's fields (we know all our neighbours and they don't mind the dogs in there.)

    story: We were at a neighbour's party this weekend and he told us that one day he went into his field and my black lab was there (her name is Lula). Beside Lula was a baby deer. The farmer tried to go get the baby deer but Lula would not let him . She kept circling the baby and she growled and snarled at the farmer. She would not let up -- finally the baby got up and walked into the woods -- Lula followed the baby until it was a ways into the wood (maybe met up with it's mother?) and then Lula came home.
    Isn't that so sweet? Usually she is really sweet with people and little animals -- my pom bit her once and she just licked the pom and walked away ;)
    She chases the squirrels and barks at the coyotes all the times too so i thought she would have tried to attack the deer - but she didn't :heart:
  2. OMG!!! what a sweet story,,,your dog sounds like a great girl...
  3. aww, that is very cute!
  4. Awww..So cute! What a sweet doggy :love:
  5. shes tooo cute! :smile: labs are lovable pets. :smile: my lab also takes extra care w/ my chihuahua.. :smile:
  6. I'm just so proud of her ;) It's amazing how they know to be more careful with smaller animals/people ^^ like cutie chihuahuas =)
  7. my first thought was that she was protecting her dinner! are you sure she didn't eat her in the woods??? :biggrin:

    J/K! (I hope!)

    what a good doggie! I love stories like that. dogs are angels with fur. thats what I choose to believe.
  8. awww that's sweet
  9. I needed a "happy" story...thanks!

  10. You are meaaannnnn! :P

    The guys said that the deer got up and walked into the woods and then Lula ran the other way (probably home) -- maybe she was coming home to get some ketchup for it ;)
  11. :lol:
  12. Can't say that my lab would have done the same thing. She would have chased the he--out of this deer. And if it was a young fawn--well I think it might have been ugly!!
  13. ^^ That's what lula would have done to an adult deer - she's chased them out of our yard before. That's why I was so surprised at her reaction to the baby one. I guess her maternal instinct kicked in ;)
  14. Aw!!! We had a lab years ago and she was very protective. Very maternal, always looked after children and puppies. You have a great dog!!!
  15. What a sweetheart!