Just a curiousity poll...

  1. What is your favorite LV shoulder bag??? Whether you have it or not.

    I am thinking mine would have to be the popincourt haut. B/c the handles are adjustable and has a zipper closure.
  2. My fave shoulder bag is the BH. Not too big, not too small!
  3. for me it's a tie between my Popincourt Haut and Batignolles Horizontal. both are the perfect size and so comfortable
  4. cabas piano because of the zip and confortable handles!
  5. After seeing the small popincourt I've defiently started to love all of the popincourt bags.. They're so cute!
  6. Popincourt Haute for sure...great everyday bag and it zips closed..love the golden balls too....
  7. What is the shoulder drop for the BH?
  8. I LOVE the Multicolor Boulogne, Suhali Le'Tal, and a few limited bags like the Polly... there are more I like of course but those are some of my FAVS
  9. I only have one shoulder bag so far, the neverful, so I guess by default its that one!

  10. OMG, Matt, I was just thinking the same thing with the Multicolor Boulogne!!!!!!! It's so gorgeous! I love it because it has a zipper....I like the Noe too but with no zipper it makes me nervous I might lose something. :smile:
  11. Manosque GM I think that bags is gorgeous!
  12. I have the Popincourt Haut - so that is my favorite!
  13. Approx 9" I believe
  14. I don't have either but it's a tie between PH and tulum PM( or is it MM?), the smaller one :smile:
  15. This one is Damier isn't it?