Just a crazy question...

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  1. I was looking at this site with celebrities and their handbags and I came across this picture with Pamela Anderson. .... Is she walking bare foot??? I would like to think that that she has some sandals that are ultra thin... But it doesn't seem like it.

  2. I'm afraid so. Someone save her poor handbag.
  3. looks like she is
  4. She's an avid PETA supporter. At first I figured her bag wasn't leather . . .is it?

    She's channeling Britney Spears walking around LA barefoot, ICK!
  5. It's an Epi Speedy 30 - leather.
  6. I mean, she wear Uggs (and I hear that she didn't know it was "leather"), so I wouldn't put it past her to use leather despite being an avid PETA member.
  7. What's up with the bare foot thing in hollywood...
  8. reportedly she stopped wearing real Uggs though{?}
    Part-time Peta supporter I 'spose!
  9. She looks barefoot to me....
    She's this big time PETA supporter & she's packin' leather...hmmmm, ok.:suspiciou
  10. I know, I am shocked. I admired her for it when I saw her on one of the late night show (JLeno or Letterman). She said she doesn't wear anything leather or fur, so she wears pleatter shoes, uses pleatter bags. It was just all BS then?:suspiciou

  11. she's a big, fat liar! LMBO!
    She's giving Kentucky grief for having Colonel Sanders at a gov't building in the name of PETA, all while wearing her Uggs and toting her LV.

    classy babe.
  12. 0o0o0o, totally love the speedy, its a great colour! hehehe :shame: i walk around in barefeet with my speedy sometimes :shame: but then again im not pamela! ha ha
  13. Wheather or not she happens to be carrying a leather bag, I applaud her efforts on behalf of the terrible plight and suffering that animals suffer at the hands of man! I have never seen her wear fur or leather, usually always pleather or fabric and she does not eat any animals, give her a break! You really can't help but have a leather bag. Don't try to justify your own guilt her by condemming her as she is probably much kinder not only to animals but to the envormoent as well as any of those that are bit*hing! That said, her animal advocacy is the only thing that I admire about her.
  14. Wow, that's pretty presumptious on your part. :amazed:
    I do not feel guilty about eating steak, chicken, fish, etc . . . nor do I feel guilty about carrying beautiful handbags.
    I CERTAINLY do NOT act like I am against leather, fur, etc . . . then get myself photographed in Uggs w/ every outfit and gigantic leather handbags. {although I actually DO NOT own fur prodcuts, nor will I}
    You certainly do not know the first thing about me or my contributions to the environment or to animals.

    My opinion is, it's pretty ironic to try and lead a movement against the cruelty to animals while wearing huge clunky LEATHER/SUEDE boots w/ WOOL lining and carrying Gi-Normous LEATHER hangbags.

    I'm not b*tching, I'm laughing!:lol:

    Helen, I LOVE walking around barefoot, but not in a parking lot in LA! LOL, I wear slip ons mostly so I can kick off my shoes the first chance I get!
  15. whoa whoa whoa, get down off that high horse before you hurt yourself!

    she's being a hypocrite - condemning behavior in others that she is herself practicing. if you're going to public stand up for a cause and try to persuade people to buy in to what you're doing, you have to educate yourself on your own practices, which means realizing that ugg boots are suede and epi leather is, in fact, leather. i don't think any of us are attacking her out of guilt - i have absolutely no guilt about buying leather or eating meat, i don't waste, and i choose not to wear fur.

    hollywood activism reaks of the 'do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do' ethos, and i think a lot of people are sick of watching celebrities tell us how to live our lives. i think the complaints about her actions are fair.