just a couple little things from the outlet today

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  1. I got just a couple things today, all just $9.99 each. I got the matching hat to the scarf I bought a couple months ago...now all I need at the matching gloves! And I got 2 pony tail scarfs.

    Sunny - no modeling pics tonight, my scarf is getting dry cleaned so I want to have that so you all can see how I match...lol.

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  2. Nice scores. Love that hat!
  3. Such cute scarves!
  4. Those scarfs are adorable! Wish my outlet had them, let alone at that price! Congrats!
  5. Nice score.
  6. Great price! I love the purple scarf!
  7. I love that first scarf! I wanted that exact same one in green!
  8. Awesome! really cute things and at GREAT prices! I bought the purple ponytail scarf full price!
  9. Cute stuff!! :smile: I like the hat!
  10. Cutey cute!!! I'm glad to know that somone else on this sub-forum visited an outlet this weekend and DIDN"T buy a bag. I'm on bag-ban and didn't want to feel left out!!!