Just 1 Missing - a Beige Chanel?

  1. My bag collection is almost complete:smile: I have all the Chanel, LV and Balenciaga I want/need at the moment. The only thing missing is a beige bag. I ordered a Balenciaga City in Oatmeal/Mastic a while back but it won't get to me for another couple of weeks. It's supposed to fill my need for "beige". But the more time I spend on this forum, the more I think I should get a beige Chanel instead.

    I know this is a little late as I've missed the Nov 1 deadline for the price increase, but I wasn't really thinking of getting a Cerf, GST or PST. I'm also not much of a Flap girl.
    My ideal beige Chanel would be a small diamond stitch tote in beige (which I don't think they make, right?) I would prefer something suitable for day that can be worn over the shoulder and is not so structured.

    The only one I can think of at the moment is the beige medallion tote. I think it's cute but maybe not so easy to get things in and out of? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  2. I had the beige small cerf and sold it, for some reason as much as I love Chanel the beiges ones I never wear.....but you are right a less structured one might be the answer, does the n/s modern chain or the ultimate soft come in beige....I think I would like and use those////:heart:H
  3. I took this picture from the Fendi forum. This Chanel looks perfect! Does anybody know what bag it is? TIA
  4. I recommend a Beige Medallion tote. It's my fav daytime bag not difficult to get stuff in and out. It gets tons of compliments too.
  5. The beige Medallion is gorgeous, and it comes with both gold and silver hw. Nordstrom Seattle had both colors as of early October. It is a structured bag though like the GST.

    I love my beige n/s Cloudy Bundle but that's going to be hard to find. Chanel calls the color white but it is beige IRL.

    You may want to try a beige/beige patent Cambon tote. I adore this bag! It's one of my favorite day bags. It is also hard to find, but Hirshleifers in NY may have one left in stock. All the boutiques and department stores are sold out.
  6. get the beige ultimate soft! its so soft and pretty and its not so structured yet has a really pretty shape. the smaller one is really cute too because its quilted! =] check out the reference library on this ligne!
  7. Thanks! Do you know the measurements for the small size? Also, is the leather too delicate? Or is it easy enough to care for? Thanks!
  8. Thanks Roey and Malleysmama for your suggestions! I saw the pics of the cloudy bundle -very cute! I do like the medallion but I wish it were softer (haha - would that I could build my dream chanel bag!)

    I really love the bag Kristen Davis is carrying in the photo above. Does anyone recognize it at all? It came out in one of the Sex and the City episodes last month apparently
  9. The bag that KD is wearing is the new version of the classic bowler (dont know the actual name) is avail in 2 sizes and it's just came out a few months ago. You can check Chanel, Neimans, Saks and Bloomies is everywhere right now in Beige, Bordeux and Black.
  10. It looks like the Timeless CC flat strap satchel. It is in Nordstrom's Fall 07 lookbook. They ordered it in black and dark bordeaux but you can try other stores for the beige, like NM or Saks if they ordered the collection. The boutiques may have it too.
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will see if I can find out what the sizes/measurements are. I'm actually all the way in Manila and very far from the boutiques but my sister is going to be in NY next week:smile:
  12. Thanks Roey!
  13. im guessing, but i think its about 14x8x4, something like that. i have it in black and its very easy to take care of and its really nice and soft. the leather is delicate but i would assume if you spend so much on a chanel purse you would care for it so it will be fine as long as you don't stuff 5 textbooks and sharp objects inside! =]
  14. Thank you! perfect size:smile: I take really good care of my bags but I don't want to buy anything that I have to worry about the entire time I'm carrying it:smile: I think this is THE ONE for me. Would you mind posting a pic of yours?
  15. hi!:smile:

    i was going to recommend the ultimate soft...a lovely beige.:heart:
    the medallion tote in beige also a good choice.:tup:
    the cloudy bundle beige is also lovely, but tough to find.:push:
    the dark white of the bubble quilt ligne is a gorgeous beigy color....stunning :love:and the bowler resembles the shape of the bag you pictured. check the ref library for some pics.

    let us know what you decide!