Junk Food Tees

  1. I'm not sure if I'm the only one...but I am addicted to these Ts. They're relatively inexpensive (unless you go buy them at Kitson - my mistake the first time I bought one). I probably have about 15 of these....they're cute for down time, school, weekends, etc.
    I :heart: them!

    If you do...what characters do you have?

    I have:
    4 cookie monster tees (including the one Jennifer Aniston wore on friends)
    Lucky Charms
    5 Grumpy Care Bears
    My Little Pony
    Rainbow Brite
    Star Wars
    and a couple more miscellaneous ones

    I'm looking for a Jem & the Holograms one...but am having a heck of a time finding one :sad:
  2. I have a My Little Pony one from them. I got mine at Hot Topic...you could try them for the Jem and the Holograms one :smile:
  3. Strawberry Shortcake and, of course, Hello Kitty! Hot Topic is a good place. For jewelry try Claire's. Also online like e-bay
  4. I have a Curious George one. They are super soft! I love them! I can see how they become addictive, there are too many cute ones to pass up!
  5. i have hawaiian punch, beatles, rolling stone, AC/DC, 2 more others.. now what were they... :smile:
  6. i also love urban renewal tees from urbanoutfitters. :smile:
  7. I have cheerios, rccola, twinkies, a 3/4 length baseball t (fast times at ridgemont high) and the rolling stones hoodie.

    Delias is a good place to get them, they are ususally buy one, get one half off. Also, I saw the Jem one there.
  8. We don't have a Delias out here where I live...bummer :sad: And the ebay people want wayyyy too much for Jem tees.
  9. i have a rolling stone and an aerosmith one...bought them both at revolve clothing:yes:
    pejcharat, is it possible to buy the hello kitty one online?!?!:shrugs:
  10. I have a couple of Junk Food tees. I really like the way they fit. My favorite one is of Jem and the Holograms :supacool:
  11. I love them the 3/4 sleeves are actually long enuf for me to wear.
  12. love the fit of the tees. i have one that says "big pimpin'" and the new mtv one in purple
  13. I have a Beatles one :jammin:
  14. I love Junk Food tees! I have a bunch of them stuffed into their own drawer. lol! My fave is my Hawaiian Punch(ohhhh, Yeah!!! lol!). They are sooo incredibly comfortable(they make comfy lounge pants, too) and suuuuper cheap!:wlae:
  15. I have two:
    Rolling Stones
    Dr. Pepper

    And a similar one:
    I want my MTV...It doesn't say Junkfood on the tag but it's just as soft & made from the same materials. And it was on the same shelf as JF. So, maybe JF make them for MTV.