Junk Food tees...

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  1. omg i found my rainbow brite one..it was the last one..it was a small but it fits just fine...super cute. now they have smurfs and strawberry shortcake!

  2. Those are on my radar! I collect these tee's...
  3. I love them! They are soft and comfy. I have a ton of tees from the Little Miss line.

    Little miss sunshine, little miss trouble, etc. etc.
  4. I love Junk Food! I haven't worn any of my tee's in ages though.. I think I'll have to dig them out again!
  5. I want the rolling stones one.
  6. yess yesss.. i love the little miss line the most!
  7. Haha, my mother in law just gave me one the other weekend. It's orange with owls. I had never really heard of them before, but I love the t-shirt. Not sheer at all.
  8. thanks for sharing!! I saw what I want!! Q though.. are they true to size?

  9. I have it :yahoo:and I have some little miss too, they are adorable :love:
  10. I think they are sized to run a bit small (like junior sizing). I'm 5'2" and wears a S. The XS is too small for me, especially after the first wash.
  11. ok thanks!!
  12. i love junk food tees too! i have little miss trouble and a little miss sunshine. i love a lot of their prints but i have way too many graphic tees right now, so i haven't bought any lately:sad:
  13. I just went through my closet and discovered I had 3 apparently, and gave away a couple. I didn't even realize they were Junk food tees.

    If you guys are interested, saks 5th off always has a bunch.
  14. I have 3 of them...i love them all! They're sooo comfy!
  15. I have Wonder Woman and I want little Miss Sunshine and Strawberry Shortcake.