Junk Food tees...

  1. Anyone else love their tees?

    I have 2 Jem tees, Its All Good in the Hood (little red riding hood), and two weeks ago i bought "Trix are for Kids" and a "Wizard of Oz" tee. I want a rainbow brite one lol
  2. They are very cute, they are SO expensive over here around $70 so only ever buy them when I go to the US
  3. I'm obsessed with them. I think I have about 20 or so, and I love the food ones. Off the top of my head, I have Lucky Charms, Trix, Apple Jacks, 2 Rainbow Brite ones, a Care Bears one, 2 Rolling Stones ones, one with hearts and skulls, Original Britney (with Britney from Alvin & the Chipmunks on it), Hawaiian Punch, a My Little Pony one and a few more. They're so comfortable too. :heart:
  4. ^^wow awesome LVBabydoll! i so need to stock up on more!
  5. i love junk food tees! its 80s nostalgia
  6. They are so super cool and retro!
  7. Lol thanks. I keep thinking of more, I also have 2 AC/DC ones and FrankenBerry cereal one lol. They're so cute.
    And I've never ordered from 80's Tees, have you? If you have, are they a good company to work with? I've only looked at the site but there are so many fun ones on there!
  8. I like them also, have a few. I have Rainbow Brite, ET, Jem, and a few others I can' think of right now. I have never paid more than $30 for mine. I buy them from a mall store called Hot Topic, and some I ordered online at Delias.com
  9. I have a Jem tee that I love and a Wonder Woman wifebeater tank :nuts:
  10. I have one with the beatles.
  11. I have CareBears, Cookie Monster, & My Little Pony. I love their tees!!! I usually get them at Hot Topic as well...or on eBay!
  12. i have a few but my fav is my yellow "get your own sugar daddy" tee :smile:. they are great for the summer or for working out :smile:.

  13. ohhh yeah you just reminded me...I have a Frankenberry one too lol super cute! No I haven't ordered..I just googled junk food tees and that site popped up. Me and my cousin love these tees and we loved a bunch from that site! I buy mine in a boutique in Soho.

  14. I see you're wearing a Rolling Stone one in your avatar lol...yeah i've seen that sugar daddy one