Junk Food Tees Sizing

  1. Does anyone know how they run?

    I wear P in Juicy Couture and XS/S in whatever else...I like a good form fitting fit, but not skin tight. Im also 5'6 and do these shirts run short?

    Would size S be OK? I like them fitting like this.
  2. i think if you are 5'6 i think you should go for a size S
  3. You'd be good with a small. I wear a medium in Junk Food tees - I'm 5'5" and around 135 lbs. I usually wear a small or medium in tees.
  4. I agree with a small if you like them to be fitted. I get XS's and i'm 5'2 and they are still up above my belts, usually.
  5. I'd say go for small.
  6. Thanks ladies I ordered them all in Small. :smile:
  7. I wear a S in Juicy shirts and also wear S in Junk Food.
  8. I wear a P in Juicy and S in Junk Food. I think small would be just right.